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Infirmery influx - Five Years Found

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Crossing Lost RPG

December 26th, 2006

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08:19 pm - Infirmery influx

Who: Dr. Beckett, Chloe, Ami, Doctor, Rose, Tayla etc
Where: Medical, Atlantis
When: Approx. one to two hours after SG-23's arrival
Invited: Anyone and everyone
Status: Incomplete


Rose patiently withstood the poking and prodding, the taking of blood samples and the machine that doubled as a fetal heart monitor.  It never ceased to amaze her when she heard the rapid double beat that almost sounded like a train. 


The first time they had heard that, she’d felt the Doctor’s fear and worry, but he separated himself from it, so she no longer could sense it.  He’d told her he’d thought he’d heard a problem, but all tests proved otherwise.  He wasn’t lying, she could sense that, so she took his word on it.


The Sonagram was a bit different that the sonic imager, and while it didn’t give her the full three dimensional image of her baby, evidently Doctor Beckett could read it just fine.


“Oh, aye, he’s got a big head, this one.”


Rose snorted.  “So does his father.  So the second opinion is yes, definitely c-section, right?”


“It’s most likely.  I don’t think you’ll be able to safely deliver with the usual dilation. Too many complications could come about.”  He sounded like he said aboot, and Rose had to smile.


The Doctor nodded to the carefully labeled blood vials.  His and Rose’s. “You’ll want to be looking at mine first.  Unless it’s specially treated, it breaks down in one hour, twenty three minutes and fifteen seconds.”


It was a built in precaution Rassilon had instilled along with the third strand allowing regeneration.  No one could keep, copy or clone Gallifreyian DNA without knowing how, and only Time Lords knew how.


“You’ll be staying for a while then?  So I can run through these tests?” Beckett looked like he doubted the tourist story, even if it was the truth.


“Few days at least.  Too many people to catch up with now,” the Doctor looked dejected.


“Least a week, yeah?” He winced, but nodded.  She wouldn’t say it, because it still hurt a bit, but he’d give her a week visiting her mum.  Now she didn’t have Jackie anymore, so his grand romantic gesture was allowing her to see friends she had made on the Island.  Letting her stay in touch with her own world and time.  In a way it gave her a more permanent home that the Tardis, though she considered the living ship more home than Earth any more, and it gave this baby a home world. He’d never give her flowers, or chocolates, or any of those corny things.  He’d show her solar systems being born and dying, take her to places where she was the first human to step,  and he gave her ties, for a man who didn’t do domestic, he was pretty good at certain aspects.


“So, can I eat yet?” Rose looked hopefully at Beckett.


“I’ll call for ye if there are any more questions.  You can go have a bite, sure.”  Beckett was looking somewhere between puzzled and excited over what readings he had so far.  He was keeping himself reassuring and kind, a proper doctor with a wonderful bedside manner, but he was intrigued.


Collecting Jack and Ripley at the door, they had gone only ten minutes before Chloe was brought in.  They managed to miss the first wave of problem patients entirely.

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Date:December 30th, 2006 09:16 am (UTC)

[Isabel] No she won't

Isabel watched in astonishment as Chloe's hand healed itself before her eyes, but she had no time to marvel for Chloe was already starting to release her other arm. She leaned in to try and stop her, but Chloe's elbow struck her on the cheek and sent her staggering backwards.

"Chloe! This won't help!" Isabel yelled, startled by the anger in Chloe's eyes. She backed up slowly as Chloe worked herself free, released her ankles swiftly and swung off the bed. "Chloe... don't make me hurt you. This isn't going to help!"
Date:December 30th, 2006 08:33 pm (UTC)

[Kenzaki] Protect

Kenzaki was still annoyed that he'd been confined to the infirmary. Didn't these people understand that he didn't get sick? But in order to prove it, he'd let his blood be taken.

As he prepared to regain his energy, he noticed a commotion. Chloe Sullivan had been in restraints, and had gotten out of them somehow, and she looked even more upset than he felt. He ran forward, knowing that no matter how much he felt about being stuck in the Infirmary, he still had a duty to do and people to protect. "Stop!" He tackled her, landing against the bed. He had a feeling that he was going to need another washcloth soon to clean off the wounds.
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Date:December 30th, 2006 09:01 pm (UTC)


Blaise was already on his way to the infirmary to check on Chloe when he was told to have all of SG-23 report there. He gathered the rest of his team and then resumed his journey. The infirmary was packed.

"Coming through," Blaise announced, pushing his way through the Marine guards just in time to see Kenzaki tackle Chloe--(I thought she was restrained,) he thought--and send them both crashing against the side of the bed.

Chloe cursed furiously and flailed her arms, all her training forgotten in her fury. She was completely out of control. Kenzaki was plenty strong enough to hold her, but could do nothing to calm her.

Blaise knew her well after their time on the island and her service with the SGC. He knew what buttons to push. "Chloe!" Blaise shouted, moving up beside Isabel, who was pressing a hand to her cheek. "You're making a spectacle of yourself! Do you want to go back to Earth?"

Chloe ceased struggling. Blaise caught a glimpse of her face, anger vying with embarrassment. "Do you?" he pressed. Chloe shook her head, "N-no," she said in a tiny voice. Kenzaki relaxed but didn't let go of her just yet.

"No what?" Blaise pressed.

"No, sir," Chloe said. She straightened up and stood more or less at attention. The anger had vanished, but she was crying now, silently and obviously wishing she could just vanish.

"I know this isn't your fault, Chloe," Blaise said, relenting now that she'd stopped fighting. "I know that. But you have to try to stay calm, and let us take care of you."

"Yessir," Chloe said in a shaky voice, lowering her head to hide her face.

"Now, I want you to get back into bed. If the doctors feel it necessary to restrain you, I expect you to let them. If they prescribe treatment, you accept it."

Chloe nodded miserably and climbed back onto the bed. Blaise laid a hand on her shoulder. "It'll be okay, Chloe. We'll get this straightened out."
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Date:December 30th, 2006 10:27 pm (UTC)


Isabel felt a flash of anger at Blaise as he barged in and talked Chloe down. Dimly, part of her mind said that he'd helped a potentially violent situation, but it was drowned out by the sudden rush of hot rage which took over her mind. She spun toward the bulky marine and shoved him hard in the chest.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she screamed at him. "I did not need any help! Barging in here and taking over like you're some sort of counsellor." She took a step closer and raised her voice even further. "Get the hell out of my face!"
Date:December 30th, 2006 10:44 pm (UTC)

[Kenzaki] Protect redux

Kenzaki nodded appreciatively as Blaise got Chloe under control. He still didn't want to be there, but it was obvious that he was needed, and he loved being needed.

When Isabel turned to attack Blaise, he didn't even think. He turned and grabbed Isabel, trying to haul her to his abandoned bed. She was infected, she needed it more than he did, and nothing was going to stop him.
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Date:December 30th, 2006 11:31 pm (UTC)


"Let go of me!" Isabel shrieked as Kenzaki dragged her across the room. She struggled and hit him in as many tender spots as she could find, but he ignored her efforts and continued. She tried a couple of times to summon her powers to her aid, but the anger dissipated her concentration and eventually she slumped in his grip and began to sob hysterically.
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Date:December 31st, 2006 09:31 pm (UTC)

[Dr. Beckett] Oh...joy

Carson watched Isabel crying unconsolably and felt a moment of despair. He paused, considering that. Despair? He probed at the feeling like an empty tooth socket. (No,) he decided with some relief, (not really. Just dismay at the realization that whatever it was was contagious.)

He let out a piercing whistle, which caught everyone's attention. "I want the medical staff to join me. Those of you are not suffering from this emotional disturbance, please gather in the next room."

Nobody moved at first. "Now!" That uncharacteristic outburst did the trick and people starting shuffling around, sorting themselves out. Carson directed a couple of suspected victims to stay where they were.

His staff were understandably confused. "Isabel's outburst makes me suspect that the condition is contagious. She's been here all along--she didn't come through the gate recently."

"So...we're going to limit contact with the patients as much as practicable. And we're going to have to watch one another. If any of you see someone else beginning to become overly emotional, I want you to speak up. And I want anyone who is told that their behavior is changing to listen. I understand that it will be hard. This...condition impairs your judgment. That's why you must listen when someone else tells you you're affected."

"So...I want you three," Carson pointed them out, "to work with those we know are affected. The rest of you, go back to assessing the others. If they seem to clean, send them to their quarters, where they're less likely to be affected. If they're showing signs of mood swings, put them in with the other patients."
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Date:January 1st, 2007 01:19 am (UTC)


OOC: Carson's going to cause some interesting problems doing that...

Isabel collapsed on the bed which Kenzaki dropped her on and paid little attention to what was going on around her until pretty much everyone who wasn't already strapped to a bed went off into the next room. The sense of wrong was still strong, and she felt a deep resolve. Lying here wouldn't help anything.

Grimly, she sat up and looked around. Two marines were guarding the infirmary door, although looking away from her. Everyone else was next door with Dr. Beckett. Now was the time to move.

Thanking her luck that nobody had seen fit to strap her to her bed, which would necessitate an awkward and noisy escape attempt, she hopped down to the floor and strode toward the door. One of the marines noticed her approach and moved to block her, but hit an invisible barrier she projected in front of him. His partner found the same, and she slipped through the space between them.

"Sorry guys," she said as she passed. "But this place is doing my head in."

She strode off down the corridor, maintaining her hold on the guards for as long as she could, although it wasn't as far as she'd have liked. She ducked into the first transport room she found and teleported herself near her quarters. She emerged in a seldom-used corridor and strode down it, passing the clumsily-parked TARDIS before she rounded the corner and came to her door.

Once inside, she put her zat on the bedside cabinet and stretched out on the bed. Within moments, she was asleep.
Date:January 1st, 2007 11:27 am (UTC)


Kenzaki, who had not been given a bed after he gave Isabel hers, had been sitting down on the floor, using the ambient energy to recharge himself. A motion from above gained his attention, as he saw Isabel - well, Isabel's feet, anyway - appear on the floor.

He couldn't believe his eyes. She was getting up, when he'd put her down on the bed! His face went red as he struggled to regain his composure. By the time he did, Isabel was on her way out the door, the Marines stuck. Isabel was leaving the Infirmary without permission, and he wasn't going to let that happen.

Taking advantage of Isabel's power, he softly apologized to the trapped Marines and slipped out the door himself. Isabel was gone from sight, but he would find her. And he would bring her back. That he swore.

He heard the commotion as the Marines were released and bolted. He couldn't protect them, he couldn't do his duty, if he didn't find Isabel, and so they were not allowed to stop him.

OOC: Yes, Kenzaki missed the transport room, so he's not precisely following Isabel. He's actually lost at the moment.

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