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[Chloe] Ebil! Awakens! - Five Years Found

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Crossing Lost RPG

December 23rd, 2006

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01:02 pm - [Chloe] Ebil! Awakens!
Who: Chloe Sullivan
Where: The Gate Room, Atlantis
When: Approx. two hours after SG-23's arrival
Invited: Anyone and everyone
Status: Complete

Chloe walked out of her newly assigned quarters in a giddy mood. Atlantis was amazing! It was incredible, in fact. It was hard to accept that the city was as old as it was known to be. It seemed brand new, as if even the Atlantis expedition had just moved in and hadn't had time to scuff the floors. Chloe reminded herself that the city was actually several million years old and giggled. Incredible!

It wasn't exactly homey, though. It was a cold city in many ways. Not very inviting or comfortable looking, though the human-occupied areas were nice enough. On the other hand, compared to that ice palace of Clark's--and presumbly to Krypton as a whole, at leas before it was destroyed--it was positively warm and cuddly.

Using the transporter closet--(The T.C.,) Chloe thought and laughed to herself--was mildly amusing. Not as frightening as gating all the way to Atlantis, not as exciting as the ring transporters. But it got her back to the center of the city very quickly. Chloe stepped out of the T.C. and looked around.

A handful of Marines stood guard here and there. Lots of people in Atlantis jumpsuits hurried to and fro, though a few sauntered instead. They were probably off duty, Chloe guessed. The stargate--which looked very different from the gate at the SGC was inactive at the moment. Overhead, the high ceiling provided room for Puddle Jumpers to swoop down from their bays and fly through the gate.

Chloe was about to go in search of the commissary when she saw a woman not wearing the Atlantis uniform walking by. Teyla Emmagen. Native of the Pegasus galaxy and a kick-ass warrior by all accounts. But nothing in the briefings Chloe had read had indicated just how hot she was, not even the photographs. "Teyla? Teyla Emmagen?"

Teyla stopped and looked at her. "Yes. You are Chloe Sullivan? Of SG-23?"

"Yes!" Chloe said, approaching her. She felt unreasonably pleased that Teyla knew who she was. "I just...I saw you walking by, and...and...." Chloe reached out to grab her arms and lay a big kiss on her. Teyla parried her easily, automatically, looking surprised.

Chloe tried again. Teyla evaded her again, a tiny frown line appearing on her brow. "Miss Sullivan, this is not..." she said, but Chloe wasn't listening. She had to kiss Teyla. She had to. For a start. There were a lot of things she suddenly wanted to do to Teyla, and she knew Teyla would like them if she'd simply go along with it.

Chloe lunged at her again. "Teyla, just--I only want to..." Teyla parried her again. Chloe tried to counter her, but even a couple of years of training made her no match for Teyla. What made it especially humiliating--and embarrassment and anger began to erode her initial lusty impulses--was that Teyla clearly wasn't even trying hard. She wasn't even really thinking about it when she reacted.

Chloe felt her anger mounting rapidly. She continued struggling fruitlessly, panting and growling. She wasn't trying to kiss the woman any longer. Now she wanted to strike her, hurt her. Teyla parried her a couple more times, then resorted to a pain compliance hold. It hurt, but Chloe ignored it. Let Teyla dislocate her shoulder--it would heal before she finished punching Teyla out!

More hands seized Chloe now. She struggled, screaming at them, cursing. In her frenzy, Chloe managed to wrench one arm free long enough to grab a Marine's sidearm. Before she could use it, something struck her arm hard enough to break it an instant before she went down under a pile of bodies, immobilized by their sheer weight.

"Take her to Dr. Beckett," Chloe heard Teyla say. "Confine her until he can determine what is wrong with her."
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Current Music: NIne Inch Nails, "Closer"

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Date:December 28th, 2006 10:19 am (UTC)


"Hi Daniel, long time no see. Fancy meeting you here, all bruised and what not." This was almost as strange a reunion as that damn island, but given that this was the Lantean archives.. "You didn't, y'know, touch something, did you? Drink, eat?"

Daniel ignored him pointedly, rummaging around for what - glasses?

"Any of you? Even Teal'c. Fine that Faith started on you guys rather than the other way round, but two fights at the same time? SG1's coincidence quota ran out years ago. Atlantis' too."

"Others have also entered Dr Beckett's care under unusual circumstances," Teyla remarked. "All recent arrivals."

Ronon was looking from Daniel to Kenzaki to Faith appreciatively. "She's good."
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Date:December 28th, 2006 01:09 pm (UTC)

[Daniel, Teyla]

Despite his various aches, Ronon's comment amused Daniel. He smirked, and only winced a bit. A sparkle caught his eye and he knelt down, happy that his glasses somehow managed to land out of range of the physical tussling. "Faith is . . . special." Daniel fit his glasses on his face, blinked at several large smudges and pulled them off to clean them. "She's going to need atypical restraints. She's a lot stronger than she looks. A lot."

"How strong?" Sheppard asked. "Ronon strong? Teal'c strong? Wraith strong?"

"Yes," Daniel and Jon answered in stereo.

"Jinx," also in stereo, followed by, "Stop that!"

"Ok, now *that's* a little scary," Sheppard piped up. He motioned to the marine contigent. "You heard the man, let's get sleeping beauty over to the infirmary and see about some restraints." His attention shifted to Teyla, "Who else has been acting 'out of character'?"


(Curioser and curioser,) Teyla thought as she listened to Dr. Jackson explain Faith's strength. She might have thought it was exaggeration, but Jon agreed with the assessment. But if she were that strong, then it meant that she'd attacked Jackson first, but hadn't been intent on doing him harm. Kenzaki the woman clearly intended to harm, and Teyla suspected that were it not for his alien nature, she might have succeeded. The question that lingered was: what set her off?

(What triggered any of the unusual responses?)

"Chloe Sullivan of SG-23," Teyla answered promptly at John's inquiry. A brief smile lit upon her face as she met his gaze, and she banished it as quickly as she could. Now wasn't the time for such things. (What things?)

"She attacked me in the corridor," Teyla continued. "Dr. Beckett has her restrained in the infirmary. Dr. Jackson-Anderson and her daughter are also there. I do not believe that Dr. Jackson-Anderson is in proper control, either."

"Okay, *that* could be bad," Dr. Jackson muttered.
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Date:December 28th, 2006 02:30 pm (UTC)


In Dr. Jackson's current messy state of dress, Sheppard would say that it wasn't harm that the woman was after... But poor Kenzaki bore a huge brunt of it, apparently in the attempt to keep the lovebirds apart.

John looked at Teyla and Ronon, considering, before he gave Teyla his full attention. His brow creased to hear about the attack, and he exhaled slowly, once the report was finished. His smile was grim, and he nodded. This wasn't pretty. And tonight was movie night!

"Right. If this gets too bad, we may have to move people off to the Alpha Site. We need to round up -everyone- who just arrived and check them for the same symptoms." Which isn't going to be fun. "We got more scientists in, more military. For now, I think we can handle it here."

For now. As to whether or not to tell McKay, well... he hasn't called in to complain of any strange behavior, so maybe they're safe there?

Hitting his radio, Sheppard looked up in silent supplication. "Elizabeth, Sheppard. We've got a little problem here... and we may have to make use of the Alpha site for a little." Time to get the cots set up.

"What's the status, John?" Elizabeth's voice held a note of concern. She'd heard about the calls for security, and for the Alpha Site to be recommended?

"I don't know yet." As he spoke, now, he looked about the room, wincing at the green blood. In short order, he returned his attention to his own team, Teyla and Ronan, as he continued. "Hope to have an answer for you soon. Sheppard out."

"Beckett, Sheppard. We have a few more. Dr. Jackson is a little beat up, but doesn't look too bad. One, we'll need special restraints for... and one... Well, you'll see." The Colonel knew the doc hated that, but if he didn't do that once in a while, where would the fun be? "Sheppard out."

Taking a deep breath, he nodded at those gathered. "Right. Infirmary. Need to get you guys checked out, and check with the doc as to what is going on." Taking a step back, he gestured towards the door for Teyla, and looked at Ronan, Jon, et al. "Then, we need to check on the rest."
Date:December 28th, 2006 02:45 pm (UTC)


Why did these people think he needed the infirmary? Kenzaki frowned. He'd needed it when he was still human, but one of the advantages of his new form is that he never saw the inside of the place unless it was an annual exam, a post-mission exam, or escorting someone to the infirmary. All he needed was some time and some water and he'd be fine. Sheppard should understand, should know, and if he didn't, Daniel Jackson did.

He looked firmly at Sheppard and the others. "I'm not going."
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Date:December 28th, 2006 03:38 pm (UTC)


Stifling a "ya think?" at Daniel's comment regarding Ami, Jon helped pick up the bits and pieces dislodged during the fight. At least there weren't a zillion shredded books, though maintenance was bound to grumble about replacing a broken display screen.

"I'm not going."

Jon looked up. Ken wasn't looking happy there, not happy at all. Neither was he when about to be pounced by a vampiric voodoo-meddler, Scottish or not, but being superhuman wasn't going to excuse anyone.

"Not much to do with bandages, Ken. Chances are we'll all end up getting checked in case whatever this is is spreading." The marines were already leaving, Faith still out cold. "And in case you missed it on the tour, the infirmary is this way. C'mon."
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Date:December 28th, 2006 04:06 pm (UTC)


Thanks for the back-up, Murphy...

Sheppard closed ranks, as it were, with Jon, shoulder to shoulder, adding to the man's words.

Sheppard's tones rose in irritation as he looked at the other man seeping green. "It wasn't a request... You're going, just like the rest. If she was suffering from something, I want to be sure we're all clear. Got it?" He didn't like having to give a direct order, but he would if he needed to. And he needed to. Now, however, his back was up and he wouldn't allow people to start disobeying orders, alien, unkillable... person or not.

He considered the matter over and turned to the others, ticking off the things yet to do, filling in the blanks. "I'll get McKay on testing the air and the 'gate." Still, Faith didn't come through the gate, so that might not be the link, and he wasn't considering Dr. Jackson as being 'affected'. "Colonel Carter is benched until she's cleared by Dr. Beckett."

Down one brain... and a brain they could have used.

"We're going to be busy, if our luck holds." Good luck, bad luck...
Date:December 28th, 2006 04:33 pm (UTC)


Kenzaki was getting increasingly annoyed by Sheppard's words, but was determined not to show it. But he wasn't going to the infirmary, he didn't need to take up space if people were hurt. The weak and the wounded were going to be enough without adding a perfectly healthy (if in need of a wash) him. "I don't need to be there. I'm fine." His tone was as calm as he could make it, figuring nothing would be accomplished by shouting.
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Date:December 28th, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC)


Daniel caught Jon's eye and gave his head a subtle tilt to indicate Kenzaki. He knew that Sheppard might or might not understand Daniel's meaning, but Jon would read him loud and clear. He also thought as loudly as he could, (I think that we might have another infected.) Daniel that Kenzaki could be stubborn, but not so much as to argue a direct order from a superior officer.

"Kenzaki," Daniel slipped into his 'diplomat' voice, "You may physically be well, but clearly there are those, including Faith," Daniel paused, watching two marines hoist the unconscious Slayer carefully out of the door, "who are not. We've all possibly been exposed to something and we need to be checked. This is routine, and you know the drill.

"Stop arguing with direct orders. We're guests here and we really don't want to upset the chain of command," Daniel added in Japanese. (Although it sounds like we may have already done that. Cameron, Sam and Teal'c?) He made a mental note to visit his teammates as soon as he got checked out and figuratively knocked some sense into Kenzaki.
Date:December 29th, 2006 12:27 am (UTC)


Kenzaki glowered at Sheppard, but considered what he'd heard. Sheppard was ordering him to go, and there were still Marines nearby with stunners. They wouldn't knock him out, but they would make him very woozy, giving Sheppard all the excuse he needed to send Kenzaki to the infirmary.

On the other hand, if he went to the infirmary of his own free will, he'd be able to convince them he was fine. And while he was under observation, he'd be able to absorb energy and heal faster.

"Wakarimashita," he said, dipping into his own native language, and adding the English translation. "I understood."

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