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Taking the tour - Five Years Found

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Crossing Lost RPG

December 15th, 2006

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05:09 pm - Taking the tour
Who: Methos
Where: [On the way to the] Gatrium (if that's what it's called..?)
When: Day 1, 1 hr after arrival
Invited: Anyone not in the meeting room
Status: Incomplete

Methos stared out over Atlantis and her surrounding seas. Older than him, yet in far better condition.

He'd seen plenty of cities in his time and had to admit that as cities went, this place was beautiful. Rome at its peak might have close on some levels, but was automatically disqualified on the basis of smell. That knocked pretty much every other city into touch as well, except maybe Paris (for which he was willing to make allowances), however there were Immortals on every Parisian street and none - so far as he could sense - here. That counted for a lot, even considering the presence of the largest group of trouble magnets he'd ever had the misfortune to encounter.

Then again the people at the SGC had told him that her builders had fled to Earth millennia before. The fact that these so-called Ancients hadn't seen fit to share their knowledge and technology with normal humans rankled, particularly given the conditions he'd lived in for most of his life - not to mention put others through.

The door beeped. Not buzzed or rang, but beeped. It was disconcerting, though he had been warned.


"I've come to take you back to the Gate room, Dr Clifford. Tours begin shortly."

Methos took one last look out of the window and shook his head.

The door beeped again. "Dr Clifford?"

"Keep your socks on. " Above the wardrobe went his sword, then the door opened courteously as he made his way out. An eager young scientific type was waiting, along with several other new arrivals. "And it's Mr Clifford, not doctor."

"But -"

"Never mind." That tradition was a load of cobblers these days anyway. He was going to have a hard enough time explaining the change of name, with or without an honourific. "Lay on. I would like to see the medical facilities at some point today."

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Date:December 16th, 2006 03:39 am (UTC)


Molly was trying to move the putted tree with a simple hand truck. Unfortunately it was still considerably taller than she was, and currently in excellent health. Lots of silver/green leaves. She kept looking around it as much as she could, but manuevering was difficult.

This particular tree produced fruit that looked like eggplant and tasted like starfruit and that lots of natuaral fats and vitamins. It was an excellent find on the last world she'd been alowed on. But it evidently didn't care for sunlamps, preferring natural light much better. After figuring out what it needed that Atlantis' sun actually lacked, she was on her way toplacing it in an area with a skylight, already host to several plants and trees. It was getting dubbed "The Garden" by some, and it wasn't always politely.

"Whatch out!" Someone let out a yelp as Molly clipped them with a branch. She pulled to a stop to see itwas someone in a lab coat.

She stopped and looked around the tree, sheepishly, to see several people standing about. The new people must have arrived.

She appologized to Zeke, the lab tech she'd winged with a tree, and then did a double take.

Right there, among the group, was Adam Pierson. No. She spotted his name badge. Clifford. He was one of the Undying, so perhaps he'd had to take on a new persona. But to end up here?

She shot him a friendly smile. "Nice to see you again, Mr. Clifford. Ever find your big red dog?"

"Can we not run over our guests with shrubbery?" Zeke half growled at her.

"I promise not to, but seeing how this is a tree and not a shrub, they may still be in danger." She looked at the assembled. "Clear the way, midget with a tree coming through. The limbs endangered might be yours or the trees."

She began pushing the tree forward once more.
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Date:December 16th, 2006 11:07 am (UTC)


Groaning, Methos reminded himself that it could have been worse: he could have chosen the name "Barney". Familiar faces were popping out of the woodwork, but at least Molly was quick on the uptake. The fact that she knew more of his hidden nature than most probably helped in that respect, while her leafy burden indicated that she was allowing her own free rein.

"Molly, it's been a while," he greeted, stepping aside so that both woman and tree could pass. "Quite a reunion we have here." Oh dear, that probably meant that brat was nearby too. "I don't suppose Jon..?"

"Here but off-world, for the moment."


"Did I not warn you?" Molly chided the chemist who hadn't moved fast enough. "Who else came with you then?"

"Half the bloody island, one way or another.." Methos sighed. A cough from the tech leading the arrivals brought him back to the present. "Yes?"

"The tour?"

He nodded briefly, turning to Molly in farewell. "Happy gardening."

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Date:December 17th, 2006 09:01 am (UTC)


Chloe watched Molly's conversation with Dr. Pierson with great interest. She noticed that his uniform nametag read Clifford, not Pierson. Interesting, but not terribly surprising. She'd known since shortly after their rescue that Adam Pierson was not who he'd claimed to be.

Unlike most of the rest of the survivors of Oceanic 815, Dr. Pierson had vanished into complete obscurity--if not thin air--as soon as he practically could. When it came out shortly afterward that Adam Pierson was not, in fact, a licensed medical doctor anywhere in the world as far as anyone could determine, his disappearance made more sense.

What didn't make sense was that Pierson was clearly a doctor for all practical purposes, whether or not he had a license anywhere. Dr. House had testified to that much, based on his time working with the man. But no medical school anywhere had a record of Adam Pierson attending it.

Chloe had done some digging of her own, in addition to whatever investigations the authorities might have done. Adam Pierson had been a grad student--working on a doctorate in history of all things--in Seattle, working as an archivist for some kind of international historical society. Nothing in his background hinted at ever having any medical training.

She'd tried to learn more about that organization, but all she learned was that they had firewalls and security software far in excess of anything she'd ever run across before. That in itself told her there was more to the organization than met the eye, but with more urgent things to worry about, she'd let it go. And now here he was again, using a different name. In a military facility on the other side of the universe.

Chloe was curious. Very curious. If he was here, he must have been vetted by the US government. So either they knew his secret or they found him useful enough to overlook his mysterious background. Chloe wondered which it was.

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Date:December 18th, 2006 04:50 am (UTC)

[Ami] Tag-a-long

"I didn't know he was coming until I saw him in the 'gate room," Ami stepped up beside Chloe, following the woman's gaze toward Dr. Pierson – whom was now Dr. Clifford. Damon had done a full search for the man after his disappearance after their rescue and only came back with a man who suddenly came into existence then faded out of it.

"Another one of those best kept secrets," Damon had told her.

Ami knew then that he knew more than he was sharing, but she didn't pry. If it were dangerous knowledge, knowledge that could have harmed her or her family or even Damon's family, he would have been more forthcoming.

"He doesn't exist really," Ami continued quietly. "Looks like a few of us made it off the island with our deepest secrets intact." Ami had not been one of those; but she was soothed with the knowledge that those who knew her secret – and Damon's, and by default Jon's too – had enough secrets of their own. Still, it amused her that a good number of civilians knew more about her status as a Tomorrow Person than the military and government did. She'd even managed – with Daniel and General O'Neill's help – to tell Dr. Weir only the basics, sticking carte blanche with Jon if he wanted to 'fess up about the Tomorrow People. That was, if he hadn't already.

She shifted Isabelle to her other hip, grateful that she could rely on telekinesis to help support the child who was refusing to walk. Scott wasn't much on reunions, and he went to settle directly into their quarters – though Ami suspected he was just eager to play with new toys – and Isabelle was far too curious to go unpack suitcases with Daddy.

Thinking of Jon, Ami made a mental note to check up on him, then decided why wait. She felt for him, sensing that he was some distance away and then once she connected, she gave him a mental nudge, /Murphy? Not even here to greet your old friends?/

"So, what do you say we join Dr. Clifford's tour?" Ami refocused on Chloe, bracing herself for an annoyed response from the twenty-something clone/Tomorrow Person. "I'm sure he'd love the company."

Mischief sparkled in Ami's eyes.
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Date:December 18th, 2006 07:06 am (UTC)

[Chloe] Philosophical Ramblings

"Do you even have to ask?" Chloe said. "I'm not so sure Dr. Clifford will love the company," she added, "but I'm sure we'll enjoy the tour."

As they walke toward the Scientist Formerly Known As Dr. Pierson, Chloe said, "You know, when I was younger, I thought Smallville was the weirdness capital of the world. I really did." Chloe shook her head at the thought. "I was so naive then."

"And where do you figure the weirdness capital of the world is now?" Ami asked.

"That's the thing," Chloe said. "There isn't one. The whole damn world is chock full of strangeness. It took being marooned on the island to teach me that." She laughed. "We were all so damn careful of our secrets. Well, all but George, anyway. Either for fear of 'freaking the mundanes' or being taken for use as lab rats."

Ami gave an unladylike snort, leaving no doubt as to her opinion on that score.

Chloe grinned wryly. "Well, yeah, that was the thing. We had already been pegged as lab rats before we ever boarded the plane. It just took us a while to figure that out."

"I used to wonder at the odds against Cla--my 'scooby gang' in Smallville saving the world from one disaster after another. I mean, how likely is it that just the right bunch of people were in the right place to do that again and again?"

"Then I discover that it isn't just Smallville. It's Faith's friends in Sunnydale and L.A. And the Doctor and Rose, and Dean and Sam and May Parker, and everyone at the SGC and--Christ, it never ends! The world seems perpetually poised to fall into oblivion, and yet all these individuals and groups keep saving our bacon year after year--for all of history, as far as I know!"

"...wow," Ami said after a moment.

Chloe ran a hand through her hair. "Yeah," she admitted, "I get passionate about it. But I'll tell you something. I worry a lot less about things going wrong than I used to. Somebody up there likes us," Chloe said.

"How else do you explain the human race dancing on the edge of destruction for so long without ever slipping? So puzzles like the former Dr. Pierson still interest me, but they don't worry me much these days."
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Date:December 19th, 2006 01:57 pm (UTC)

[Methos] Greetings

Gossiping women were certainly a universal constant, at least in two galaxies.. if that made any sense at all. Either way Methos had a dreadful feeling that he was a topic of conversation towards the back of the line there. He didn't mind catching up with previous acquaintances when appropriate, but he'd never been so trapped between old and new before - not that the Adam Pierson they knew bore much resemblance to the Watcher he'd been prior to that bloody island.

"Ladies, good morning." Hands behind his back, Methos drifted back to their position while the tour guide babbled something about geomorphology. He grinned at the toddler in Ami's arms. "And who's this beautiful young woman?"


"As talented as her parents, I'm sure." His smile was wry, but he'd never been able to resist children. "And your specialist subjects are now..?"

"Anth." "Linguist."

"General surgery - and yes, this name does come with a matching papertrail." The resulting looks of mock-innocence were quite amusing. Joe was less than happy about the number of security upgrades the Watchers had needed - he'd even demanded the payment of his bloody tab! "Are we actually missing anyone, or is this truly the reunion from hell?"
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Date:December 20th, 2006 04:43 am (UTC)

[NPC Lorne] Magical Mystery Tour!

Just like Colonel Sheppard had stated, Major Lorne was waiting in the gateroom, getting ready to start the tour. All in all, it meant a lot of walking, no matter how one sliced it.

"Ladies and gentlemen..." A nod was given as acknowledgement to the Athosian leader and the Runner as a youngish-looking man, early 30s, tops, dressed in black military uniform with an American flag upon his sleeve, stepped forward towards the gate. He was, of course, armed with a P90 and a Beretta strapped to his thigh. Seemed pretty standard issue around here. "I am Major Lorne. You'll hear this a lot, but welcome to Atlantis. You're going to be learning a lot in the next little while, but believe me, you're not alone. We're still looking at maps..." The major sounded a little self-depricating, a chuckle exiting the man.

"We'll be covering, essentially, emergency routes, and routes you'll probably be taking every day for the next who knows how long. Gateroom, you're in. It's the main hub of the city. Unlike Colorado, our gateroom is pretty public as it is the central thoroughfare." Sure enough, multiple corridors lead from it, a good number of staircases as well, though none as remarkable as the grand staircase that leads up to the control room.

"The Control Room is there, and from there, straight up, is the jumper bay." Lorne looks up as he points up, checking to see if the area above is closed or open. Closed, for now... "Now, that ceiling opens, allowing the puddlejumpers to lower to this floor. So far, we're pretty sure this floor doesn't open."

"I'll be taking you to the East Pier, where the Daedalus docks, and where the training room is." As well as the Chair room... "Then, the Infirmary, and lastly, the messhall. From there, you're all excused to try to find your quarters, and get lost in the process." Lorne paused a moment before he shook his head. "Kidding. No. Your gear is being stowed right now into your assigned living quarters, and we'll go over that during the course of the tour."

(OOC: Just wanted to cover what was being shown in the basic tour. No requirements to continue. :) )
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Date:December 18th, 2006 03:22 pm (UTC)

[Jon] Gah!

Any job that involved flying in space was good, that much Jon knew. The fact that he'd had to go to college and become a geek to do it this time still grated, but at least the Air Force had paid. It wasn't like he could let them re-recruit him the usual way; sooner or later he'd have been placed in a position where killing would be necessary and that could be the end of both himself and half his team. Not worth the risk, so aerospace engineering it was - along with as much test piloting as he could get.

So here he was in the Pegasus galaxy doing graduate work (of all things), scooting around above Atlantis in a puddle jumper, wearing a space suit in case Ramirez' drone replacements - which were nothing like drones, but better than nothing - got through the shield/cloak combo he'd been working on since before he and Molly got here.

First, of course, the other puddle jumper's pilot had to find and catch him. Stationary test results had been great so far, but if Sheppard or someone else was actually running from the Wraith they all wanted to know this would work so he had to stay on-board to make adjustments and oh dear god he was getting geeky over it again.. Still, Jon might have a beacon on board but he wasn't about to make this easy on the kid chasing him. Showing up over-confident USAF majors was definitely the fun part of this project, and if weapons fire did damage the ship badly, he could always get out via the non-existent door that no one else knew about.

/Murphy? Not even here to greet your old friends?/

WTF? The ship lurched to one side, righting as soon as Jon pulled himself back together again. Was today the big day? Great, but out here he'd gotten out of practice when it came to thinking and, uh, thinking at the same time.

/Fantastic timing you have there: Duval nearly got me!/ He hadn't really considered the fact that this thing ran as much on thought as it did skill, at least not in those terms. Hmm. More testing required. /Welcome, hi, aloha and all that, but this really isn't the time! Have drones and a cocky pilot to dodge -/ A quick duck and roll got him out of yet another thought-provoked pickle. Oops /Later. Later definitely better./
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Date:December 19th, 2006 03:54 am (UTC)

[Molly] Hungry for reuinions

Molly managed to wrangle the tree into place in the warm sunshine of the ‘garden. The skylight let in abundant sun, and there were potted plants everywhere. Huge potted trees, potted bushes, large planters full of various flowering plants and grasses, and hanging baskets of drooping vines and flowers. Each plant, from diverse worlds, had a medicinal, savory or edible contribution to make to most humans. And while they kept close tabs when anything flowered to prevent any odd cross-pollenization happening outside of a lab, they really needed worry. Molly had simply asked them to only accept their own kind.

Recently someone had drug a few bench-like seats into the area. While some complained, most actually found the room calming.

Looking at her watch, Molly quickly made sure everything in the room had sufficient water, shade and nutrients before heading for the apartment she shared with Jon. Lunch was approaching and Jon was supposed to be back by then. Although he could easily be having too much fun, or correcting problems to actually make it. However there were old friends to meet up with even if he weren’t there.

She chucked her dirt stained coveralls which she wore only when working, and donned a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt Jon had given her, knowing her taste for the weird ones. This one featured a black and white winged horse with a confused look on its cartoon face. underneath was the quote “How did I end up here?”

She made sure her hair remained in its tight French braid, showing just a ball of orange/red curls at the end. Judging herself presentable enough she made her way to the mess. The time she had spent with the plants had been more than enough for the more general tours to be done with.

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