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[NPC Elizabeth] Debriefing in Meeting Room One - Five Years Found

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Crossing Lost RPG

December 14th, 2006

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10:56 am - [NPC Elizabeth] Debriefing in Meeting Room One
Who: Dr. E. Weir
Where: Meeting room one, upstairs, opposite the Control Room, Atlantis
When: Day 1, 1 hr after 'Gate travel, Mid-morning.
Invited: Doctor, Rose, Faith, Ripley, Jack, SGA-1, SG-1, Anyone
Status: Complete

Up the grand staircase, and to the left of the secondary Control Room (the great burnished rust blast doors closed for the moment), the lights were turned on in the larger of the multiple meeting rooms, the back lit table cleared of items but for a single data-tablet. Upon the side wall hung a large display, currently showing the Atlantis 'screen saver', that is, a light blue background with scroll after scroll of a language that hadn't been seen on Earth for literally a million years. Ancient... its form, blocky.

Dr. Elizabeth Weir was seated at the 'head' of the table, a data-tablet before her. Her posture in the chair was unconsciously impeccable, regal, with a softness added by a single wisp of hair falling forward as she waited, expectantly. She was dressed in her Atlantis 'uniform', that is, red mock turtleneck under a charcoal grey jacket, deep red triangles inlaid on either side of the zipper. On each shoulder, she sported the expedition patch and the US flag.

She honestly didn't see the need to simply echo Colonel Sheppard's call for a meeting, and whether she had anything else on the list 'to do', the sudden arrival of someone, who appeared to be friends with Rodney, and his passengers, who seemed to not only know her chief scientist but others newly taken for the expedition, was a little troublesome. Particularly as the 'gate hadn't been used.

The biggest question was: How did he, they, get into the city without their knowledge? After that could come 'Who were they?'. Her eyes narrowed as she considered the potentials; both bad and good.

As for everyone else, well... Major Lorne and Sergeant Bates could give the grand tour, as well as help everyone settle in, teach them what sections are off-limits due to security constraints (the physics labs, for example), and what were completely open. She could easily bet the balcony would be a 'hot spot' before long.

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Date:December 14th, 2006 09:56 pm (UTC)


The rush of the arrival of the SGC exchange crew had subsided somewhat, although Isabel had retreated from it after half an hour or so. The newly-arrived people from the island were having tours and talks and tutorials, and Isabel was sure she would have plenty of time to talk to them later - if they wanted to. Her work was hardly the most interesting thing to someone with no interest in her homeworld, after all. In many ways, she looked forward to when she could say she was finished here, go back to Earth and talk to Max and Michael about it. She was hoping she could convince Max to join the SGC as well; his healing talents would be well-used there or here on Atlantis. Michael though... Michael wouldn't join, she knew. He didn't want anybody to use him as a soldier, and had never felt his powers were good for much else.

Atlantis' transport rooms were invaluable. Isabel was able to make it to meeting room one dead on time without having to push her way through a single milling crowd of new arrivals, although she saw plenty of them as she navigated her way out of the workroom she shared with a couple of Athosians and to the nearest such transport room. Emerging right near the central complex of rooms which formed Atlantis' administrative and transport hub, she'd found the corridors quiet. Everyone had been moved on, except in the gate room, where a number of people were still working to move the supplies which had been sent from Earth into more appropriate locations. As Isabel passed along a balcony overlooking it, she saw the gate open and a team go through. Life on Atlantis continued as normal.

The meeting room, when Isabel reached it, was empty save for Dr. Weir, sitting regally at the head of the table. Isabel greeted her and sat near the foot of the table.

"Dr. Weir," she said. "Quite a lot of new arrivals at once, although I guess you're most concerned about the Doctor and his companions, since they just turned up under their own power. I'm sure the Doctor will explain, but... on the island, they were all trustworthy. Absolutely trustworthy."
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Date:December 14th, 2006 10:54 pm (UTC)

[NPC] Elizabeth

Elizabeth's moment of reflection disrupted, she gave the newly entered woman a genuine smile, her head inclining in greeting, and in acknowledgement. Just after, she leaned on the table, her forearms leaning upon the edge, her fingers entwining as she looked at the newly entered.

"Yes," she began. "I understand that. And, I can appreciate that." Was there a but? It certainly sounded like it was coming. "And, the fact that Dr. McKay is friendly with them speaks volumes to me; That they are tolerant of his... idiosyncrasies, and are able to follow his explanations. And that he trusts them. But, I'm sorry. That's not enough for me." She had a duty to the City, and to her friends. There were times that Rodney McKay needed to be protected, even from himself.

The mission lead chuckled softly and tilted her head in the attempt to soften her words, but certainly not the intent. "I will, however, keep it in mind."
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Date:December 15th, 2006 02:01 am (UTC)

[Team Tardis]

The Doctor didn't know where Sheppard had gone after asking McKay to bring them along. He seemed to have meant here. He and Jack waited until Rose and Ripley caught up. They entered the room without hesitation.

Isabel was already here, and taking one of the seats. The Doctor guided Rose to a seat and tried to look like a gentleman rather than the man who was pretty much ordering to sit down and get off her feet. This was why she'd been mostly Tardis-bound the last three months. And partly why they were here, somewhere relatively safe where she could get out and about and explore.

The Doctor knew the layout of the room without obviously looking. He'd learned that trick centuries ago. Jack and Ripley were pretty smooth, but a very observant person could follow their quick perusal. Ripley moved to the other side of Rose, slightly behind her, and Jack casually leaned his shoulder against the wall, with a clear view of the door and who came in and out. Neither Jack nor Ripley had been divested of their side arms yet. The obvious ones anyway.

Rodney moved to stand in an area with a comfortable familiarity that meant he’d been in the room often.

Faith was… where was Faith? Trying her luck with Ronan after Sheppard failed, most likely.

“You wanted to see us, then? I told them you lot get techy about unannounced visitors. Glad you dispensed with the all out gun squad. Appreciate it,” the Doctor gave his best daft grin as he crossed his arms.
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Date:December 15th, 2006 02:17 am (UTC)

[McKay, Sheppard]

It wasn't a long walk for McKay, from the Control Room to the Meeting Room, but there were a few things he had to take care of, namely, the orchestration of his own people. After all, new scientists were coming in, and the greeting of his time-travelling friend(s) had put him slightly behind.

Still, no matter, he made it into the room just after the 'Tardis team' did, passing by Jack at the door with a momentary look before sitting down. "Elizabeth." As in, 'this isn't my fault, it's a surprise to me, too'...


The Colonel, on the other hand, took the stairs two at a time, and stopped just before walking into the room. His manner was casual, certainly, but he had a look about it just at that moment as he studied Jack. It wasn't a staring contest, certainly, but neither was Sheppard going to stand down on his own turf. He had no doubt of exactly what it was that was going on.

How he approached it, however, was politely friendly. Nodding to a seat near the door, he smiled a little tightly and offered, "You'll find the seats are comfy. We're nothing if not gracious hosts."

Looking at the seated expedition lead, the smile remained in it's previous form. "Sorry I'm late. It seems that some of the ladies were planning a little get together. I directed them to Dr. Brown. She knows all the good spots for gossip that we don't." Dr. Katie Brown. Resident botanist and poker shark.

Still, Sheppard doesn't take a seat, rather, he leaned against the door, his arms folded before him.
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Date:December 15th, 2006 03:26 am (UTC)


Jack returned Sheppard's assessment. They guy knew what he was doing.

"Nah, if Faith decides to show, I'll leave it to her. I won't make a lady stand. But thanks, I appriciate the hospitality." Jack offered a disarming smile. No need to be rude. Not when the man looked quite sexy in that, just crawled out of bed way. "Speaking of... nice dodge. Not many men have the desire, or the tamerity to gracefully decline Faith without being rude."

Not that Jack ever had.

The Doctor snorted. "The two of you cause more trouble with the flirting than just about anyone I've traveled with, an' that's saying something."

Rose giggled. "At least they can get themselves out of it just as well."

"And no, Rodney had no clue we were stopping by. Don't blame him. Rose was goin' barmy spendin most of her time on our ship for the past few weeks." The Doctor waved off McKay's protests.

"You lot get to go have fun and adventures and I'm stuck reading, or trying to learn how to knit. I've developed a hatred for yarn. The only new things I get to discover is just how many rooms, guardens and curiosities the old girl has. Feel like a bloody beached whale and completely useless." Rose looked about ready to cry.

Damn. Jack hated to see her cry. She wasn't usually as bad as she had been in the last three months. Now she'd cry at the drop of a hat and get mad at herself about it.

"Hardly useless. You're doing the most amazing thing out of any of us." The Doctor turned back to Doctor Wier, "But I wanted to get her out a bit where she'd be safe, and see some old friends." The Doctor explained. "Thought we'd suprise Rodney, some of the others here."

Jack covered his smirk. The Doctor was also going to check out their medical wing and doctors. He'd delivered baby's before, but Rose was likely to need a C-Section, and the Doctor was a bit too involved. He might be able to do it, but he didn't want to risk Rose's life on his ability to emotionally detatch. Not if there was another option. Not that the Doc had told Rose that.

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Date:December 15th, 2006 03:22 pm (UTC)


"You certainly gave me a surprise," Isabel said. "Suddenly appearing like that after five years' absence. I've seen some of the others of course, there are a fair few of us from the island involved in the Stargate programme now, but somehow I never thought I'd see you again, Doctor. You were too keen to be off and see what was round the next corner."
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Date:December 15th, 2006 04:36 pm (UTC)

Re: [Isabel]

“I was. Still am. Too much to see and do out there. But we come back to Earth on a somewhat regular basis to handle some of your little emergencies, visit Rose’s friends and family, that sort. Plus, best milk in the universe, you know. And bananas. Saw Ami and Scott jus a few months ago…” The Doctor fell into his familiar patter.

“Over a year,” Rose broke it. “It was over a year ago and the developing development caught her by surprise. Months… He certainly loses track of time considerin’, huh?”

“Been a bit busy.” He defended. “In five years, your planet alone there was the big Sycorax ship over London five years back, every human on Earth with A positive blood type standin on roofs, ready to jump. Mass hallucination and drugs in the drinking water… when will you come up with some original cover stories? Then there was the “ghost” incident two years back” He made quotes with his fingers. “Cyberman in every home. Brought that on yourselves you did. Good thing someone knew how to send ‘em back. And that’s only the two instances the public knew about… no matter how badly covered up. Humans are an awful lot of trouble. Need constant looking after. Gotta keep coming back to keep you lot out of trouble.” He beamed.

“Thinks he’s so impressive.” Rose muttered. Behind her Ripley covered a laugh as a cough.
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Date:December 16th, 2006 12:55 am (UTC)

[NPC Elizabeth] If we may begin...

The Colonel continued his casual lean, even when he was turned down, his smile remaining tight, but still on the good natured side. "You don't want to insult your hosts, do you? I didn't think so. Bad form, and all that." He shrugged and tilted his head up, lips pressed together, but made no indication of moving any time soon.

"Faith? That's her name? I'll remember that. And thanks. Can't say that it happens all the time, so after awhile, I get a little rusty. Good to know I'm still effective."


Elizabeth looks behind her a moment, her brow quirking as she glanced at the men at the door. Exhaling in a soft breath, she turned around to face the table, her expression turned to a professionally friendly mien. She sat straight in her chair, her fingers laced upon her lap, her attention on each of the new comers, one at a time until it finally came to rest upon the Doctor.

"Yes, well... shall we take this from the beginning? Exactly who are you?" Elizabeth was comfortable with the Colonel behind her, watching and protecting her. She seemed to instinctively expect it. She, too, was under no illusions, but ever the diplomat, she decided not to take it as insult. Her own people do exactly the same thing offworld when she's with them, so it was easily forgiven. "You obviously know Dr. McKay."

Fair was fair, however, and she was first for an introduction. "I am Dr. Elizabeth Weir, in charge of the Atlantis Expedition. You met, obviously, my chief researcher, and that is Lieutenant Colonel Sheppard. He's the officer in charge of the military operations here."

When the Colonel heard his introduction, he simply moved his fingers and wiggled them, smiling briefly before settling in to a more neutral mien. Not unfriendly, just ... cautious.

"My biggest question, of course, beyond 'Who are you', is 'How did you get here?' or more to the point," Here, Elizabeth's eyes narrow slightly as she leans, "'How did you get here and the sensors didn't pick up your presence?' It isn't every day that something simply slips through. And..." Here, she scrunched her face, causing her nose to wrinkle, the action putting a more 'friendly' face to the line of questionning. "...How can we keep from having it happen again?"

At the final question, Rodney made a soft groan. How does one protect from a ship that travels both in space /and/ time? You can't, not really. Flashing before his eyes, he saw the arguments, the explanations over and over that the city couldn't do it. The technology just wasn't there; that he just wasn't up to the task. While he was brilliant, he wasn't TimeLord material, or rather, he wasn't to the level of those who attended their university. Still, it pained the scientist. It was a challenge.

"Because, and I'm sure you can appreciate this, while I am sure that you all have only the best intentions at heart, others that may share your level of technology may not."

Still, Elizabeth didn't miss the obvious need the small group is in either, and she's not a cold, callous person. Not by a long shot. She's just... in charge. "But, as long as you're here," So, she wasn't going to ask them to leave after all. "Dr. Beckett is in the Infirmary should you need anything. As Rodney may or may not have mentionned," Honestly, she wasn't sure what McKay had told them (that didn't get into the report), but she was reasonably assured that whatever extras there were, it wouldn't have been too serious a breech. Rodney was one of those who took NDA and security very seriously. "We are staffed with top notch doctors and scientists, masters in their fields." Something to be proud of, certainly.
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Date:December 16th, 2006 02:35 am (UTC)


"I'm not insulting. See, here's me listening to every word. And if I do insult, I promise to make up for it any way the host likes." Jack looked over Sheppard slowly, and invitingly. Definately easy on the eyes, a commander, and descent tactition, as this conversation attested. Hmmmm.. bet he was a top.


"Who am I?" The Doctor clucked his tongue and looked heavenward. "Who am I? That's a really deep philosophical question to start off with. I mean, who are any of us really? Just lost souls scrambling about trying to make sense of the senslessness around them..."

Rose shook her head and give doctor Wier an appologetic look. He was amused and feeling playful and bound to be a right pain in the arse.

"But in a more direct answer, I'm the Doctor. Thought we covered that part. Hello, nice to meet you. Let's see... I'm Ka Faraq Gatri, Karshtakavaar, Jev Tlhop..." the Doctor went on.

"Notice how none of them are complimentary." Rose points out as if everyone in the room couls understand whatever languages they were in.

"How about Sir Doctor of Tardis." He tilted his head and arched his brow at her. "Knighted by the Queen herself." He didn't mention Which queen. "She's Dame Rose of the Powell Estates. He's Sir Jack of Kissington, and that's Dame Ripley of Nostromo. Did us all at once she did."

Jack coughed back a laugh. Both at the phrase and that they'd been knighted and banished from Scottland the next minute.

"Doctor, play nice with others." Rose glowered.

"Yeah, a'right. Been known as the Doctor for nine hundred years. As to how we got here... my lovely ship brought us here. As for how to stop it happening again? Well, you could ask us never to come back to Atlantis in your lifetime. I rather hope you won't. Got a feeling you might actually need my unique brand of skills at some point. But seeing as I possess the only ship of her kind left, I don't think you're in any risk of a major invasion. No one else possesses my level of technology."

"Although we could be considered an invasion. A friendly one, but you have no idea how much Jack and Faith eat." Ripley threw in in case someone forgot she was standing right behind Rose.

(OOC: The Ancients were one of the higher, more aware Races. I'm going to work out a "Myth" or "Story" they may have in their records about the Last Great Time War and post it on the OOC com...)

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Date:December 16th, 2006 02:06 pm (UTC)


Isabel found herself wincing at the Doctor's rambling introduction, wishing that he could just for a moment give Dr. Weir the straight answer she was asking for and which, as leader of the Atlantis Expedition, she deserved. Unfortunately Isabel couldn't supply it for him, as she'd never got a straight answer about who or what he was either. She also suspected that Weir wouldn't appreciate Isabel answering on the Doctor's behalf. Elizabeth Weir was a woman who preferred people to speak for themselves, and encouraged it at every opportunity.

It was a trait Isabel admired. She leaned back in her chair and kept her mouth shut, although her eyes darted around the room nervously, particularly when she caught Jack eyeing up Colonel Sheppard. She wasn't absolutely sure, but she was pretty certain that the Colonel absolutely didn't bend that way.
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Date:December 16th, 2006 03:17 pm (UTC)

[NPC Elizabeth], Sheppard

'"I'm not insulting. See, here's me listening to every word. And if I do insult, I promise to make up for it any way the host likes."'

See, now Sheppard didn't honestly expect that. While he does get hit on, and at times hard by women, some of it easy to deflect, others, not so much, he really hasn't had to worry much about men doing it. As a result, it took him a little off-guard, and he stared back at the man, cleared his throat, his posture shifting such that he was standing a little straighter, his arms still crossed before him. He gave the other man a 'guy' smile, one there and gone before hyper-attending to that which was going on in front of him at the table. Where the hell was Teyla? Or, no... strike that. She'd give him hell about it in that dry, Athosian, 'not sure if he was being yanked or not' sort of way.


At the rather formidable introduction, Elizabeth remained non-plussed, though there was touch of something in her eye as she looked towards Isabel quickly. Lesson learned, perhaps? Be very certain on who you vouch for... you will be associated with their actions... The diplomat didn't miss the embarrassment, which spoke well for the younger woman.

The only real reaction was at the mention of the length of time the man before her has been 'known as the Doctor'. That information received a touch of a raised brow, a glance towards her scientist, and back. To her credit (and her experience) it wasn't out of the realm of the possibility. After all-- she HAD met Ancients, both ascended and not... and their age was well past the 10,000 year mark.

"Your lovely ship..." Elizabeth, this time, spared a glance towards McKay, who could feel his friend's gaze and shifted in his seat. He so knew what was coming.

The scientist rose in his seat, his expression something that a few people in the room could easily recognize. He was just given a task-- and one that he both relished and hated at the same time. "Right." His tones were distracted, his thoughts now running towards the problem to be solved. "Zelenka, Lindstrom and Raelle..." His team.

"Thank you." It was only a single word in request. Elizabeth knew that the Canadian would understand, and had every confidence in his ability, and in the abilities of those he'd put together. Astrophysicist, astrophysicist, and an Athosian 'jack of all trades' that he'd grown rather fond of, and she'd deftly maneuvered into keeping his attention for her own purposes.


Elizabeth watched Rodney leave, Sheppard shifted only slightly while he offered a supportive grunt, before she returned to the business at hand.

"Yes. I see you could be considered such." Her eyes narrowed slightly, but there remained a gleam in her eye and a slightly amused cant to her lips. "There are sections here that I would prefer you not to access. We still haven't physically explored half of the city, and we're still learning about the systems on board." On board a city? Try... a giant spacecraft. "Colonel Sheppard will brief you later as to those sections when he sets you up with some quarters. Dr. McKay can give you a tour when he's ready." Her people know where to go and where not, obviously. "I would hope that you'd respect our rules while you're here." While it would go without saying, something told Elizabeth that she had to almost spell it out.

It's obvious that she was winding the meeting down. There was more she had to do, more she had to find out, and the grandstanding wasn't going to get her that information, certainly. Separate the Doctor from his people, and perhaps she'll get more straight answers... or not. Who knew?

She rose from her seat, a touch of a smile on her face that she'd maintained all through the meeting still playing, the meeting coming to an end. "Welcome to Atlantis." Within those words, however, she certainly meant that she fully expected those before her to 'play nice'.
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Date:December 16th, 2006 04:58 pm (UTC)


Jack caught the smile. And the look of discomfort. He managed not to roll his eyes. "You people and your quaint little catagories," he muttered.

He knew he'd get chewed out later, but he wasn't going to let the Doc play his games when he needed these people to help, maybe. He was playing them because he resented the fact. Jack knew that much by now.

"Look, fact is, there isn't a damn thing about this ship at least the Doctor and I don't already know. History was always one of my favorite subjects and how humans started to spread through the stars via the stargates always drew me. I did my senion thesis on this city. I'm Captain Jack Harkness, former Time Agent. I won't be born for another 3,000 years or so. You people are open minded enough to grasp that. We were knighted alright, by Queen Victoria. Ripley there is from about five hundred years in your future. We don't only hop about space. We go anywhere and anywhen."

Oh yeah, he was getting the death glare. Lazer blue eyes promising all sorts of uncomfortable retribution.

"Can it, Doc. You want to ask for a bit of help, you gotta shoot straight with those who can handle it. YOU taught me that."

The Doctor twas still plainly not happy with him, but he tucked in his chin. "I suppose I could help you map out the city as I remember it when the Alterans were in occupation. Had quite the tour when I was here last. Spent hours talking temporal theory with this brilliant bloke, Janus." He looked right at doctor Wier at that point. "I knew he was gonna ignore the whole "you can't try this or you'll risk a paradox' bit. Becuase it was already part of a closed time loop. But you know about that, don't you? You found his second project by now."

The Doctor took Rose's hand, rubbing his thumb across her knuckles. Jack needed a good talking to, but he hated when the human was right. "He's right. Not much here I don't know. Side effect of time travel is you visit all the really interesting places more than once. I can, however, help you map the city, as you do that anyway and no names are attached, so nothin to say I didn't altready do that. Can also help set up that fourth through sixth dimensional scanner I was telling McKay about. If I can get some help from your excellent medical staff, that is."

Now Rose was looking a bit worried and her hand drifted over her unborn baby. "So that's what you've been blocking from me. How bad is it?"

"Nothin's wrong. Doesn't hurt to have a second on that. And I told youyour natural birth thing was most likely not gonna happen."

Now it was the Doctor's turn to be getting the death glare.

*You and I are so gonna talk about this. Out loud. Because I don't get the same satisfaction through mentally yelling at you.*

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Date:December 16th, 2006 06:35 pm (UTC)


Jack's outburst and the Doctor's subsequent offer of a limited form of assistance took Isabel rather by surprise. She'd never heard any of the Doctor's companions speak about their origins so openly. She tried to catch Weir's eye and let her expression show that she hadn't anticipated that the Doctor would be so prickly, but she wasn't sure if Weir understood. She'd have to talk to her later about it, or at least get a moment with someone else who could pass it on. Sheppard, perhaps, although they'd barely spoken since Isabel had arrived. Atlantis was too populated these days for everybody to know everybody and talk to everybody on a regular basis like they had at the start.

She cleared her throat.

"I'll go and find Faith," she said, rising. "Make sure she knows what's off-limits."

She might not respect what's off-limits, but...

She had the feeling that she was going to be lumped in with the Doctor and his companions if anything went wrong, and if she was, her stay on Atlantis might come to an abrupt and unpleasant end.
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Date:December 17th, 2006 12:19 am (UTC)

[NPC Elizabeth]

Elizabeth was on her feet, her lead scientist gone. After giving her 'Welcome to Atlantis, don't overstay your welcome' admonition, for that is what it was, she moved to exit the room, but only got a single step away. Her brows rose in surprise, and she tilted her head to one side as her brows then fell after into a studied frown. Not the way she enjoys 'doing business', certainly. She couldn't miss the touch of a smug look coming from Sheppard, however, as he rocked slightly on the balls of his feet. Lt. Colonel trumps Captain... usually.

Her obvious annoyance passed quickly, however, into a steadied calm as she looked towards the Doctor and the very, very pregnant Rose. She was not pleased with the fact that they'd waited so long, hiding behind quip and bravado. Made it difficult to know exactly what and who one was dealing with. And, as Captain Harkness had said quite plainly, time to put the cards on the table.

"Yes, we are quite capable of understanding the concept of time travel. Are we there technologically as a race? No. Has it been done before? Yes." Elizabeth looked at the door where Rodney departed, now almost wishing that she hadn't sent him out. Almost.

Fix her city so this won't happen again.

Her regard moved between the men, then, and her tones shifted, harder than they had been, even as her expression did not. "But, we do not hold our humanitarian aid hostage, gentlemen. That, we freely give. However, I thank you for the offer of information exchange and accept that as a first step in our working together."

"We have schematics of the city. We simply haven't physically explored it fully yet. You see, we sustained some damage to the city the first year we were here courtesy of a hurricane. It was thanks to Dr. McKay that it wasn't broken up and sent to the bottom of the ocean. He discovered the entire city could be used as a giant electrical conduit to power the shields." And that the Control Room was the /only/ grounded spot; And that was only the tip of the iceburg in /that/ story.

"We've had other problems out of our control that has caused parts of the city to be damaged. We're progressing slowly, learning exactly what it has to teach us. If you know anything else about the city that we should know about, I'd love to hear it. Later. I have a new batch of scientists and military that need to be attended to."

Elizabeth nodded at Isabel as she began depart, her expression softening for the woman. "Thank you." Now...

"Gentlemen? Ladies?"
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Date:December 18th, 2006 12:34 am (UTC)


Once Doctor Wier had left the Doctor shot up from his seat, heedless of Colonel Sheppard standing right there. He was fairly angry at Jack’s perceived betrayal.

“You and I are gonna have a nice long talk.” He jabbed his finger in Jack’s direction. “Since when do advertise?”

Jack held up his hands. “Since you have a bunch of people here who already know who we are. Since they will feel obligated by duty to tell what they can when directly asked by a superior, no matter what friendship they have with us, since these folks are really good at secrets, themselves.” Jack crossed his arms. “They’ll end up knowing, so why do your dance. Hell, you’re the genius here.”

Rose took the Doctor’s arm. “Jack’s right. And this isn’t the place. Sides, you are in just as much trouble, buster. But having a row isn’t gonna solve anything.”

The Doctor felt the tension flow out of him a bit at Rose’s touch. She was no doubt feeling his anger, and she didn’t need that right now.

“Right.” He seemed to notice Sheppard standing there for the first time. “Think you can have someone show us where you lot set up medical? Unless this section’s unit is still on floor six?”

“He means please and thank you.” Rose supplied with a rather half hearted smile.

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Date:December 18th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)

[Sheppard] We aim to please

The Colonel watched Elizabeth depart, and she surprised him. He thought she would go back to her office, take a seat, and consider her next move, but no. She descended the grand staircase, and did exactly what she said she was going to do. Go back to work.

Sheppard straightened and dropped his arms as he turned his head and watched the goings on in the meeting room. He didn't mind being ignored. In fact, he preferred it. Allowed people to underestimate him, and potentially his ability. It also meant that it was all the better to listen to the emotions raging in the room, and get a read on everyone.

"The Captain's right," the Colonel chimed in, his tones light. "Even McKay'll spill it with the right encouragement." That could be threat or cajole... or anything in the middle. "'Course, that's not saying much. Just look at him wrong and he breaks." Not entirely true, but the city's 'official pasttime' was to pick on the lead scientist; but like a little brother, only those who liked the Canadian could. Outsiders would be smacked down... hard. The Colonel offered a half bow to Jack as the the smirk returned. "And thank you. We try."

A step away from the door was taken by the Colonel; allowing any and all exiting to occur unimpeded. "Floor six, Sector 15 C-1, yes. I'll escort you down and introduce you to Dr. Beckett. I have to meet a friend for lunch, and the messhall is in the same general direction, but don't worry. You'll be assigned your own personal Marine." Until Elizabeth ordered otherwise. Sheppard waited a moment, the smirk not fading as he answered Rose's supplied courtesy directly to the 'not source'. "Oh, and you're welcome."
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Date:December 18th, 2006 02:56 pm (UTC)

[Team Tardis] Doesn't do Domestic?

“Oh, I always wanted one of those. Does he come with optional karate action and can he say ‘yes m’am’, and ‘no m’am’?” Rose grinned at the mention of the Marine escort. “Cause I so rarely get called m’am.”

“You want me to start calling you m’am?” The Doctor arched a brow.

“Hmmm…. has its possibilities, but no,” Rose answered smartly enough. “And did you say food?” She turned back to Sheppard. “Any chance you got chips? Oh… with vinegar, cheese and extra salt…”

“After we see the medical facilities. Then you can mix food combinations ‘til you’re hearts content.” The Doctor gestured for Sheppard to lead the way.

Behind them Ripley moved to stand next to Jack. “Jack’s in trouble. Jack’s in trouble.” She sing-songed softly through a smirk.

“Think he’ll give me a spanking?” Jack asked with a hopeful sound.

“No.” Ripley grinned.

“Think you’ll give me a spanking?” He sounded just as hopeful.


“Down boy.” The Doctor called over his shoulder. “Anyone see where Faith got off to? What part of ‘don’t wander off’ do you lot not get?” He asked as they followed Sheppard out of the office.

“Try the nearest group of Marines. She’ll really like getting her own personal. Speaking of, I’m going to hunt down Blaise before the day is over.” Ripley announced. She felt a lingering affection for the man, no doubt started off by his resemblance to Hicks.

The hallways were all meticulously kept and well lit. The transport room they found themselves in made Rose a bit nervous, but the Doctor didn’t seem worried about it.

“So, other than Izabel, I haven’t seen any kids about. This is supposed to be a city, right?” Rose asked as they stepped out on the sixth floor.
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Date:December 18th, 2006 06:40 pm (UTC)


Coming down the main stairs, the Colonel directed the small group out and around into one of the main corridors, a nod given to one of the many marines keeping an eye on the gateroom proper. The marine moved quickly and took up a discrete presence in the back of the group. He's not meant to be a tourguide, after all.

"Relax. The transporter is completely safe. It's either this, or a very, very long walk-- which, I'm pretty sure we all don't want to take, unless we have to." The Colonel's /had/ to... on a few different occasions, unfortunately, so he spoke from experience.

He stepped out onto the sixth floor after the teleporter's doors open, shaking his head. "City, yes. Open to friends and family, no. This is a research facility, still more an expedition than a colony. Millions of light years away from Earth, the only things between us and nothing is a blown gate or a disabled Daedalus." Most of Earth's defenses remained in the other galaxy. "There's still a bunch here that can go 'boom', and we'd never know it until we set it off." There's honesty. "The Athosians are set up on the mainland, about three, three and a half hours away by jumper."

Which meant, the expedition, as a whole, hasn't really paired off and started raising families. It was still work... even if it meant no 'personal lives'. Sure, there were relationships, even the occasional marriage... but as far as raising children, the city was no place for it. The galaxy was no place for it.

As the entered the medical area, some doors were open, others closed, showing off the stained glass patterns on them. The door to the Infirmary was open, and Sheppard stuck his head in and scanned the room. "Doc? Have some visitors and a potential patient for you."

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Date:December 18th, 2006 07:00 pm (UTC)

[Team Tardis] Ducks in a row

“Now see, that’s one of the things I love about humans. You go out, explore and expand. You see the risks and still jump right in, just to see what’s out there. Families will follow. New frontiers always draw them. Look at your own country on Earth. Plenty willing to push west with their families in tow, new opportunities, new possibilities. Risks come inherent with living, and you lot accept that for the most part. Gotta love that human spirit.” The Doctor beamed.

“Careful, he’s gonna want to hug you next.” Rose warned Sheppard. “He thinks we’re brilliant or stupid in turns.”

“Sometimes both at once,” the Doctor grinned. He looked into medical, which was, in fact, where it had been millennia ago.

“Thank you, Colonel Sheppard. You’ve been a gentleman. Maybe you can give lessons to these two some time.” Rose inclined her head to John.

“Oi!” and “Hey!” sounded out at the same time.

They were interrupted by a pleasant faced man in a lab coat approaching. “Did you say future patient?” His Scottish lilt was charming.
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Date:December 22nd, 2006 02:29 pm (UTC)

[Team Tardis]

(OOC: Please forgive any problems with NPC Beckett. I am not quite as familiar with the nuances of his character
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(OOC: Please forgive any problems with NPC Beckett. I am not quite as familiar with the nuances of his character <though he’s a cutie patootie>)

Carson Beckett looked very surprised, and took a few seconds to re-compose himself. He looked to where Sheppard had dissapeared then back at Rose.

“Oh… um… I was aware we were receiving a child, but it was my understanding it was a female two year old.” Purely medical records had been sent ahead, of course, to cover any emergency.

“Izabel, yeah. We didn’t arrive with the new influx. Might say we’re tourists.” The Doctor hadn’t stopped grinning as he stepped inside and started looking over the medical equipment and monitors.

Beckett almost looked offended at the inspection and then looked to the marine standing behind the man and woman behind Rose. “Tourists?” His brows knitted together.

“Sort of, yeah.” Rose held out her hand. “I’m Rose Tyler. The inspector general over there is the Doctor, and this is Jack Harkness and Ellen Ripley.”

“Doctor? Doctor who?” Beckett shook her hand, the niceties being observed by rote.

“Gets a lot of that. Just the Doctor. Doctor Tyler if you absolutely have to.” Rose grinned with her tongue peeking through her teeth.

“Definitely not.” The Doctor voiced from further in the room, where he was looking over the lab set up. “Rarely have trouble with my name. Short, easy to remember. But sometimes doctors like second opinions. Would you mind giving Rose a check up? And I’d like a word with you in private if we can.” He looked over at Rose. “Please and thank you.”

“He can be taught.” Rose muttered.

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Date:December 22nd, 2006 02:56 pm (UTC)

[NPC Beckett]

Beckett looked at Rose for a long moment, his expression friendly. He's pegged the Doctor already as someone he'll have to treat 'differently', on par with some of his other friends and patients that will remain nameless.

"Aye... And ye... Ms. Tyler. Second opinion." Here, he smiled. "I would say ye are expecting. Seen a lot of it m'self, but on the mainland. Now... if ye would... just hop up onto the table there. This'll be painless." He looked at the young woman, and had the courtesy to look apologetic. "Apart from the blood tests, of course. I can't lie to ye."

Carson glanced at the others again, his brows rising as he last lingered on the Doctor. The request keyed him in that something was probably a little skewed, and warned him to take his time. That is, if he was reading it right. A nod, a slight drop to his smile and an 'aye' was his response to the TimeLord before he turned his full attention to his new patient, his expression relit, his words lilting.

"Now... How are ye feeling? Aches? Cramps? Swelling anywhere, well, except for the obvious place?"

Turning around to the random onlookers, the medico shook his head. "The rest of ye can wait over there." Carson gestured with his head to an area just ouside the door. "Give the lass a bit of air."
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Date:December 22nd, 2006 05:00 pm (UTC)


Ripley grasped Jack’s arm and dragged him into the hallway, making sure their marine shadow was able to see both her and Jack, and into the medical area.

Rose looked a bit worried and managed to sit up on the bed. “Ankles, of course, when I’m up and around for more than a half hour. But even I know that’s normal.” She blushed furiously. “And my er… breasts, they get sore sometimes. Also read that’s normal. Thing is… This is hardly your typical pregnancy. I’ve been carryin’ for fifteen months. Mister fertile over there said about eighteen was the length of time for the last half human pregnancy.”

The Doctor moved to stand next to Rose and took her hand. “Blood work will also be odd. We were on the mystery island with Rodney McKay and Daniel Jackson. They did somethin’ to Rose, and her DNA was tweaked. Makin’ this what you’d call high risk all around. I’ve been monitoring her since we found out. But my medical was never designed for any sort of pregnancy. I’ve fine tuned the sonic pictograph to work as a sonogram, and checking blood work.”

Thing was, he didn’t want to worry Rose. But there was definitely only one baby there. But the baby had a binary vascular system. Now considering his own biology, she didn’t consider that odd. But his readings on Gallifreyan birth, when it was done the old fashioned way millennia ago, was that children were born with one heart. The second only came following the first regeneration. There was no way for a fetus to survive the agony and physical shock of regeneration if it died in-utero (in fact no one survived it if they weren’t at least a century). Thus this was a bit worrying. Not so much he was going to worry Rose about it. Especially since everything else checked out fine so far. The Time Tot also seemed to have only one stomach, liver, pancreas, etc. Taking after his mum here.

“I’ve only ever dealt with one other mixed blood pregnancy, and I wasn’t the primary in that one. I just was the delivery doctor.”

Oh, right, he hadn’t mentioned to Dr. Beckett that he wasn’t human. Well, he caught that much now.
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Date:December 18th, 2006 04:20 am (UTC)

[Teyla] Watching and Observing

Standing beside Ronon, Teyla watched the new arrivals – both Rodney's friends – and those pouring through the stargate – with curious interest. She'd heard more than one tale from Rodney, Molly and Jon, more from Molly than Rodney and Jon, of the time the astrophysicist and these others spent trapped on island as part of some sort of live experiment.

Whether or not you liked a person didn't matter; that sort of thing left it's mark on a person and left the loyalty there as well. There were things that Rodney, Molly and Jon simply did not share and probably never would. As long as those things were not a threat to Atlantis, then Dr.Weir allowed them their secrets.

Teyla, with a few exchanged glances with Ronon, quickly marked and assessed the first group. The one called the Doctor was clearly confident, and not foolishly or blindly so. All of those with him were warriors, though they carried themselves in different ways, and even the pregnant woman – Rose -- carried herself with a poise that marked a woman who kept a wise and keen eye on a situation.

She had only frozen, ever so briefly distracted when one of Rodney's old friends practically oozed all over John. Teyla had not realized that she turned slightly in that direction until she heard Ronon call her name quietly. Turning her attention back to the surroundings and ignoring Ronon's questioning look, Teyla was pleased that she was not a woman who blushed.

(Foolishness. John Sheppard can well take care of himself,) Teyla scolded herself. The chastisement didn't sit well with her, though, just as her uncharacteristic reaction made her wonder if perhaps a visit to Dr. Beckett might not be in order.

"Nice coincidence, huh?" Ronon asked quietly once he noted that Teyla's attention was back where it belonged.

"Do not the earthers have a saying?" Teyla countered. "Stranger things have happened?"

"Around here?"

Teyla did not answer, instead turning her attention to those arriving from earth. Some stood out more than others – for example, the woman with the child in her arms; she recalled some loud arguments –

"Not arguments, debates, Teyla, debates," John had told her.

"Then you should learn to debate more quietly."

Over one of the earthers desiring to bring her child. Evidently, she identified extenuating circumstances which Dr. Weir was unable to divulge to John.

She recognized SG-1, and could not fail to notice the glowing blonde even before she bounded over to the pregnant woman and the others. There was a young man with dark hair and almond shaped eyes who hung back a bit. He was – Asian, Teyla recalled a few of the scientists with his particular features identified themselves. Her brain quickly called upon his name: Kenzaki, who was invulnerable to the Wraith. She would definitely be speaking to him.

"We'll talk to him later," Ronon said, echoing her thoughts.

John and the senior staff headed up to the control room, to speak with Rodney's unexpectedly arriving friends. Teyla almost followed, then thought better of it.

"I do not think that they propose a danger. There are a few among the new arrivals that I would like to speak first," Teyla said at Ronon's inquiry.

"One of 'em happen to be dark haired and wearing leather?"

"I do not know what you are talking about," Teyla said quietly. She turned the tables. "You are not worried about them either."

"They didn't kill McKay after being stuck on an island with him for six months, and they seem to like him. Might not make them sane, but makes them safe. They got in without us sensing them. If they were going to attack they would have by now."

"Of course," Teyla agreed, knowing that Ronon would shadow Rodney's friends until he felt comfortable with them. "I am going to help with the settling. I am certain that a full briefing will come later." With a slight nod, she excused herself and made her way into the flowing tide of earthers.

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