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Exchange Program - Five Years Found

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Crossing Lost RPG

December 8th, 2006

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11:04 pm - Exchange Program
Who: SG-1
Where: The SGC/The 'Gate Station/Atlantis
Invited: Anyone at the SGC who wants to play
Status: Incomplete

"So," General Jack O'Neill leaned close to Daniel, "You think Weir is ready for this?" He jerked his gray head slightly to indicate the ranks of scientists, Airmen and Marines gathered behind him.

"I think that we've been coordinating an expansion of the Atlantis personnel for over a year. Now that we have not one, but two, spare ZPMs and another section of the city is ready for occupation, I'm sure that Elizabeth is more than ready for this," Daniel answered with a smirk. He was glad it was only a smirk; he was looking forward to the trip to Atlantis.

Sam had accused him of being like a kid in a candy store, but then again she wasn't one to talk. A quick glance at his teammate revealed that Sam was trying hard to hide her eager smile by double checking her gear.

"Indeed. A leader as tested and proven as Elizabeth Weir will have been adequately prepared for many months," Teal'c stated. "It is clear from her reports that she runs Atlantis like 'a well-oiled ship.'"

Jack frowned, "What exactly are you trying to say there Teal'c?"

"Absolutely nothing, O'Neill." The corner of the Jaffa's mouth twitched, the only sign that Teal'c was teasing Jack about his management style.

"I'm sure the big guy didn't mean anything by it," Cameron Mitchell slapped Teal'c on the shoulder, an action that once earned a raised eyebrow, but was now merely ignored. "Sir. The SGC is . . ." Cameron trailed off with a grin.

"Yes, Mitchell?"

Sam snickered.

"Is there something you'd like to say, Carter?"

"No, sir. Nothing at all. I'm just," Sam coughed, "Dry throat."

Jack frowned at them. His mouth opened, but his words were drowned out by Harriman's voice over the public address.

General O'Neill, it's time.

"Well what are you waitin' for Walter? Dial her up!"

Yes, sir.

Jack exchanged a look with Daniel and both men turned and gave a final look over at the departing scientists and military types, surprised by some of the faces, but not by all. Some were going for short term – a four week tour and then they'd return to their duty stations at the SGC. Others would be there for six month or twelve month rotations. It might have depleted the SGC of personnel, but when the four weeks were up, a good number of Atlantis personnel would be coming to earth for six months or twelve months as well.

SG-1, naturally, was assigned a four week tour that could be – and likely would be – shortened at any time.

Once Harriman's voice rang out Chevron seven locked and the stargate sprang to life, Mitchell strolled up the walkway to stand in the center and look out over the assemblage. "All right, people listen up. This isn't a picnic or a field trip. We're about to take the largest contingent ever through the 'gate network to the Pegasus galaxy. It's very important that we all pay attention to Colonel Carter."

Sam shook her head slightly at Mitchell, but stepped forward. "The 'gate on this end will remain open until all teams and equipment have made it through to the 'gate station which is midway between earth and Atlantis. At that time, the connection between our stargate and the 'gate station will be disengaged.

"We will have to wait for the 'gate station to recharge, which will take no more than five minutes, but during that time, without the 'gate maintaining a wormhole behind us, we will be dead in the water. We will be out of contact with the SGC and out of contact with Atlantis until we dial the city and engage the 'gate and begin the second leg of the journey."

Sam nodded to Mitchell who added, "Everybody, you know what you have to do. Let's do this thing. With your persmission sir?"

Jack looked around for a moment before saying, "Good luck to everyone. Move out."

SG-1 and the former leader of SG-1 moved to the side as the teams began filing through the 'gate.

Jack fixed SG-1 with a hard look, "I better not have to come there and get you."

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Date:December 9th, 2006 10:08 am (UTC)


Chloe had seen the stargate in operation dozens of times since she'd joined Stargate Command. She still found it fascinating to observe. Chloe watched the inner ring spin, saw the chevrons lock in the address one by one, and suppressed the urge to clap with glee at the apperance of the vortex. Then it stabilized into a shimmering disk of light--a gateway to another world.

(To another galaxy, in this case,) Chloe thought, excited by the knowledge that she was about to travel to Atlantis. She shrugged her shoulders, settling the equipment vest a little more comfortably on her torso. If the truth be told, she was a little nervous about it too.

She'd been through the gate several times now, but those were simple, one-step journeys. The trip to Atlantis, on the other hand, would involve being shunted from one gate to another in sequence across the unimaginable distance between the Milky Way and Atlantis. The technique had been in use for years now, but it was still a little alarming.

"You done gawking, Sullivan?"

Chloe shifted her gaze. Captain Blaise was watching her with open amusement. "Yes sir," Chloe said. She always had the urge to salute when he addressed her. She never did. She was a civilian after all, and saluting would be inappropriate.

"All right, then," Blaise said with a nod. He glanced around, gathering up SG-23 by eye. "Form up, gang," he said. "We're next."

Chloe moved into position behind Blaise, Morgan, Weber and Burke. "Ready to visit the Lost City of Atlantis?" Burke asked over her shoulder.

"You know it," Chloe agreed. Then the team was moving. Chloe reached the bottom of the ramp. Captain Blaise vanished through the gate. Morgan, Weber and Burke followed. Chloe took a deep breath and stepped through.
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Date:December 10th, 2006 11:55 pm (UTC)

[Kenzaki] Exchanges

Kenzaki still couldn't get used to how easily he'd come into his new job. Not only was he in the United States, but he was legally working there - something he hadn't had when he'd boarded the flight to Los Angeles so many years ago.

It was funny how things had worked out for the best. He'd finally convinced Tachibana-san that they should release one other Undead, just to save the world from ending. After long discussion, they'd let one out - but not the King of Clubs, as Kenzaki had expected, but the Queen of Clubs. Tachibana had later said that he trusted in her honor and her neutrality to keep he unchanging throughout the years, and Kenzaki had understood and concurred.

And now he could go through the gate without worrying about anything happening back on Earth. Which was good, because what else was he supposed to do, now that he didn't age or really have any human needs other than companionship?

Besides, the Japanese government had appreciated having a Japanese citizen present as part of the program, or so he'd been told. He'd been through basic training and English learning and a whole slew of other things to be able to go off-planet.

Now he was going for Atlantis for a year. Daniel Jackson had passed along his invulnerability to Wraith attacks, and so he'd found himself on the list for those going there. He watched for the signal for his group, made sure he had everything, and stepped on through.
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Date:December 12th, 2006 04:28 am (UTC)

[NPC Jack]

Jack watched the groups slowly flow into the event horizon – and yes, he knew the term, thank you very much – occasionally nodding to a particular group or wishing them luck or exchanging pleasantries, while he waited with SG-1 whom would be the last through the 'gate.

He frowned as one group drew near to wait for their opportunity. Fortunately, they stopped within whispering distance of SG-1 so Jack didn't have to raise his voice or pull them out of sequence. "You know, I still don't like this."

Dr. Ami Jackson-Anderson smiled at him and shifted the toddler in her arms from one hip to the other. "That's why you have my eternal gratitude for allowing this, General O'Neill."

"Eternally grateful, yeah, sure, youbetcha," Jack muttered. The idea of a child going through the stargate to the Pegasus galaxy didn't sit well with Jack and the moment Jackson-Anderson's petition came across his desk, he'd denied it without a second thought. When she sent the third one, Jack marched down to work area to find out if the woman had "gone right barmy."

She'd cited extenuating circumstances, pointing out that Jack agreed to send both she and Anderson through the 'gate to the Atlantis exchange. Jack – evidently in a fit of forgetting that he was in charge and didn't have to explain himself – argued that she and her husband both volunteered to go.

"Did you forget you have a daughter?" Then he made the mistake of asking, "What extenuating circumstances?"

Jackson-Anderson – and there were times when Jack really wished she'd been a traditional woman and just took her husband's name and was done with it – cited the psychic bond and attachment that she and Anderson had with their daughter. The clever little minx pointed out that a long term separation might be detrimental to the child and that not allowing her – or Anderson – to go to Atlantis due to that bond would be hypocritical considering that their psychic abilities were one of the reasons that Jack wanted them at the SGC so badly when he learned about them.

"You've been talking to Daniel and Carter, haven't you?"

Jack tried to wash his hands of it. He submitted the petition to Dr. Weir. She approved it, with reservations, but still it was an approval.

"I confess that it did surprise me and I had to think on it long and hard. For the record, Colonel Sheppard and Colonel Caldwell are adamantly opposed to the idea."

"Then why did you approve it?"

"Because it was pointed out to me that we have been Wraith free for several years and at many different points in time during our occupation of Atlantis, there have been Athosian families living within the city. Initially we thought the Athosians would stay here and it was their decision to move to the mainland.

"Secondly, I've decided to view it as an experiment and the International Committee agrees with me. This is a civilian operation that might attract more prime scientists if they could bring their families along. Also, it allows us to examine what will happen if inevitably those here decide to marry – whether it be a colleague or an alien ally – and stay with the expedition.

"And thirdly, Jack, I really, really want your psychic to see what she can learn about our city."

Jack tried hard not to be won over by Jackson-Anderson's smile, and doubly hard to not be moved by the smile Isabelle Anderson gave him as she waved at him. "If things go – what's that you Brits say all the time – pared up?"

"Pear shaped, sir," Carter corrected with a smirk.

"Thank you, Carter," Jack whipped his head around to stare at the woman then returned his gaze to Jackson-Anderson, "If things go pear shaped -"

"You won't be liable, General O'Neill. We've already been over this. Scott and I take full responsibility for our actions."

"Four weeks," Jack reminded them. "That's it. That was our agreement."

"Understood," Jackson-Anderson nodded. Then she turned and headed up the ramp towards the gate.
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Date:December 12th, 2006 01:16 pm (UTC)

Re: [NPC Jack]

Aww! It's a family field trip. *snerk*

I'll wrench my brain out of the ebil!AU and post here eventually. Really, I will.
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Date:December 12th, 2006 02:32 pm (UTC)


Rose watched in amazement as, with a rushing sound, the stone circle filled with what appeared to be lit water that rushed out into the room. It made her flinch back a bit, then it pulled back to settle sedately within the confines of the circle… the gate. It gurgled and rippled and acted like a small pool, other than the fact that it was horizontal.

She took the Doctor’s hand in excitement. She loved to see new things. This was less spectacular than, watching the birth or a new galaxy, but it was amazing none-the-less.

When the first people stepped through she was grinning. She looked to the side. Faith wasn’t paying much attention. She seemed more interested in tall, dark and dreadlocked, or Mr. Rumply. What were their names again? Ronan and Sheppard. Jack was taking in everyone with casual glances. She knew he was assessing threat level, escape routes, etc, as much as he both discreetly, and not so, checked out all the attractive men and women.

Ripley seemed just as fascinated as she was. Good. She didn’t want to look like the only one impressed.

“That’s a wormhole?” She looked to the Doctor. “I was expecting… I dunno, something a little more… Farscape.”

“It’s a contained wormhole. And by now you should know better than to expect anything to be like something on the telly.” He chided. “It’s more like the door to a long hallway. Really ingenious. Like a telephone booth where you can dial up any other phone and instead of just talking, you step through.”

The people walking through seemed to be dressed as military, or in the jumpsuits like the tech people up on the raised platform wore. They were carrying lots of boxes, some on floating carts. New supply shipment?

Rose watched as more and more people walked through, moving forward to keep the way clear for those behind. Then she caught site of another familiar face. Daniel Jackson walked through with some other people, a pretty blonde woman, and large, dark man with a gold tattoo thing on his forehead, and a dark haired man who looked vaguely familiar, though she couldn’t place him.

“Did you know Daniel was gonna be here too?” She looked suspiciously at her husband.

“Who me? You impressed?” He grinned.

She narrowed her eyes. Honestly, she couldn’t always tell when he was full of it or not.

The next people to step through made Rose actually let out an undignified Squeel. AMI. She hand,'t seen her friend in a year. Although there had been intermittant phone calls.
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Date:December 13th, 2006 03:06 am (UTC)


Chloe burst out of the stargate with a rebel yell. "Woohoo! What a ride!" Quite a few faces turned toward her and she blushed. "Well--it was!"

Blaise cocked an eyebrow at her. Chloe grinned. "Don't tell me you didn't feel that!"

It was a running joke with the rest of her team by now. Chloe knew that in theory you couldn't experience anything during transit. You were reduced to energy patterns and only reassembled when you stepped out of the gate at your destination. But damned if she wasn't certain she remembered riding God's own roller coaster!

"If you say so, Sullivan," Blaise said.

Chloe shook her head and looked around. (I'm in Atlantis!)

It looked just like the photos she'd seen, even if nothing like she'd once imagined it would. She recognized some of the long-time residents of the city. Ronan and Colonel Sheppard, primarily. Other faces too--

"Rose? Faith? Ami!" Chloe stopped moving, frozen in place by the cascade of memories those faces unlocked. For a few heartbeats, Chloe back on the island, the sun hot on her skin, seeing and hearing the many, many conversations she'd had with each of them. The eidetic memory she'd acquired courtesy of the Kryptonite years ago had its price; she sometimes got lost in the snarled web of associations every face brought to mind.

Chloe shook it off and looked around. If Rose was here, the Doctor couldn't be far away. And probably...Chloe shivered at the very pleasant memories the sight Jack Harkness stirred in her. Idly she wondered where George was these days.

"If this is a reunion, shouldn't there be a band?" Chloe said at last.

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Date:December 13th, 2006 08:57 am (UTC)


Isabel watched the exchange teams coming through the Stargate, exchanging smiles or nods or hellos with people she knew. The arrival of SG-1 caused something of a stir, as it had always been bound to do. Those people were legendary. Isabel had met them at the SGC on Earth, of course, but their work rarely intersected, and she was more likely to pass Carter or Dr. Jackson in the hallways between the labs and the cafeteria. Daniel always had a greeting for her, though. Isabel suspected that those who'd been on the Island would always have an unusual bond. Not close so much as the uniqueness of shared experience which others could not match.

But still, Isabel was not expecting to see Chloe Sullivan - or Ami Jackson-Anderson with her daughter in her arms.

Obviously there have been some interesting discussions going on back on Earth, she thought to herself, then frowned and did the nearest thing she could to make herself heard as Ami looked momentarily confused amidst the thronging people around the gate; she threw a thought out into the air. A new trick, really nothing more than a carefully controlled aspect of her ability to dreamwalk, but she was fairly sure Ami would hear it.

Good to see you again, Ami, she projected. Over here, by the stairs. Some old friends are visiting.
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Date:December 13th, 2006 02:27 pm (UTC)

[Sheppard] Welcome to Atlantis

Lt.C. John Sheppard was all for casual, and he couldn't help but offer a boyish grin at Chloe's outburst. It was pretty typical for a 'first timer', sure...

Taking a deep breath and releasing a quiet chuckle, Sheppard heads down the stairs of the grand staircase and into the gateroom proper in order to greet the new arrivals properly. When the rest of the group came through, Lt.C. Sam Carter included, he offered her a somewhat snappy salute before grinning. "Welcome back, Colonel. We made a few changes around here, but..." He twisted around to look up at the balcony briefly before returning his attention on the blonde Colonel, "...some things are exactly the same."

Sheppard had to raise his voice on the entire 'homecoming' party, to be sure he was heard. "Okay, all... You'll be taken to your quarters soon, where you'll be staying. Tours will begin in about an hour." He paused, and added, "Welcome to Atlantis."
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Date:December 13th, 2006 10:05 pm (UTC)

[Methos] Not you lot?!

Methos was the last civilian through the gate, tightly clutching his pack of personal belongings. No guesses as to what he was most tied to there - not even the Cheyenne Mountain metal detectors were going to part him from his sword, even if he was (as far as he knew) the only Immortal heading to Atlantis.

He'd parted ways with the rest of those stranded on that Pacific island shortly after their rescue, burying himself away in a new country and new identity. The fact that "Adam Pierson" was neither a doctor nor a PhD wouldn't have escaped this SGC crowd's notice for long and he had no intention of answering their prying questions. Those with whom he'd been trapped had seen far too much as it was.

Still, he should have known better than to retrain as a surgeon. The third identity Methos had blown through had enough paperwork to gain medical work in the UK, so he took a job in London.. then found himself fascinated enough to join the surgery track. Taking that job in Bristol had been his downfall: the meddlesome bastards had put his photo on their website. Oh look, here comes Jackson and his buddies.

They were hard to ignore, especially when certain people whose personalities were strangely familiar despite their older appearance ("I told me everything") began to point out how much trouble they could cause his now that the program was internationally run. Wonderful. And running was hard to do: he'd become too emotionally involved with his new career, in which ID and quals were everything. Picking up and leaving the Watchers was a doddle in comparison. Shiny new adventures in a galaxy that probably didn't hold any Immortals (not that he'd owned up to that facet of his identity) was the clincher, once they'd admitted their reasons for wanting a medic who knew old languages and tasted bad to Wraith.

So here he was, dressed in some spangly new uniform bearing the name "Clifford" and, allegedly, in a whole new galaxy. Being welcomed by a military surfer as well; this trial visit would either be the best deal he'd ever brokered.. or the worst.

Oh dear gods, it's like a bloody reunion. A few was bad enough, but these too? Hiding out with this bunch is worse than a roomful of Macleods: courting utter disaster! That and most of them were bound to call him Adam rather than Dan.

"Is it too late to go home?"
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Date:December 14th, 2006 03:27 am (UTC)

[Ami] Old Friends

Stepping through the stargate into the lost city of Atlantis was absolutely breathtaking. Ami had caught glimpses and images from inside the heads of those who had been here – not intentionally, but she was far more susceptible to picking up stray thoughts these days than she had been in the past – but nothing prepared her for actually seeing Atlantis.

The buzz of curious and excited minds dimmed to a dull buzz that she easily ignored. Ami hugged Isabelle close and soothed her empathically – the rematerialization on the the otherside of a wormhole was not quite akin to what happened during teleportation and the toddler wasn't particularly happy at the moment. She wasn't crying or fretting, but the way she clung to Ami's neck and buried her face in her mother's throat spoke volumes about what she felt even without the empathic waves of distress rolling off of her.

/It's all over now, moppet,/ Ami reassured her. So focused on her daughter, Ami didn't actually register that the excitement and warm, fuzzy nostalgic feelings were aimed in her direction until she felt a fleeting thought whispered across the back of her mind.

Good to see you again, Ami. Over here, by the stairs. Some old friends are visiting.

(Isabel,) Ami remembered belatedly that the woman was stationed at Atlantis. Her eyes followed Isabel's directions and then her mouth dropped open. She reached idly for her husband only to realize that he'd stepped just out of reach. /Scott! It's Rose and the Doctor!/ Also Ripley, Jack, and Faith, whom last Ami heard from was back in Los Angeles.

Before she could make a step in that direction, a man in an Atlantis uniform - Colonel Sheppard a variety of thoughts told her – stepped up to welcome them to the city.

Then Ami was free to move and she hurried towards her old friends and the familiar faces – and not so familiar pregnant bodies – as fast as she could without teleporting or bowling people over.
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Date:December 14th, 2006 04:13 am (UTC)


Once she was sure Rodney's big show wasn't totally lacking sparkle, she turned to see Ami already making her way over.

Rose grinned hugely, her tongue peeking through her teeth. Lot's of twitchy soldiers with guns meant she was gonna stay here and let Ami come to her, and not tackle her friend like she had McKay.

"Ami." Rose let go of the Doctor's hand and held out her arms for a hug, intending to include Isabelle. "Is that Isabelle? Last I saw her she was still in a stroller."

Okay, last visit had been a bit over a year. And Rose hadn't known she was pregnant then. Since losing her mother and Mickey to another dimension, the Doctor took her on these side trips to visit friends to keep her grounded. Becuase he didn't want her to be a homeless drifter, as he saw himself. Eventually she would convince him that anywhere he was she considered home. But she appriciated her infrequent visits too much.

She hugged Ami and chucked Isabelle under the chin. The toddler seemed a bit confused by her. Of course, she couldn't be expected to remember a year past.

"I had no idea you three were gonna be here. Looks like it's reunions all about." Rose moved to press a kiss on Scott's cheek. "Tha... The Doctor said we were gonna visit Rodney, maybe some others that took up here at Atlantis. It's a full day of suprises of the nice sort."

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Date:December 14th, 2006 03:44 am (UTC)

[Faith] Welcome to Atlantis

"Okay, now that seriously rocked hard," Faith remarked when the stargate sprang dramatically to life. The TARDIS was seriously impressive, and she'd seen some impressive things since bumping into the TARDIS crew in the middle of Dallas, Texas of all places and hitching a ride, but it didn't dwarf the stargate in action.

She felt her own surprise and shock at the sight of Chloe - (Who is still all kinds of worlds of hotness, I don't care which way you swing) - and the Andersons, or was that the Andersons-Jacksons? Faith never could make sense of those things when a woman hyphenated her name.

Once tall, dark and handsome mark one, the boyishly mussed Colonel Sheppard, not the brooding and dangerous rippling muscles of Ronon, gave his welcome, she watched her friend Ami - with daughter in arms - make straight for Rose. Something told Faith that once the preliminary greetings were done, Ami and Rose would talk babies and pregnancy which was probably about as fun as listening to Ami and Wesley make jokes and references about England that only they could get. (Yeah, learned the hard way, do not stop and visit one British friend when in the company of another Brit.)

It hadn't been a totally wasted trip though; she and Scott had played a lot of cards, and watched a whole bunch of movies that neither of them probably never would have gotten to watch while his wife and her "Watcher" became fast friends.

Knowing that she wouldn't be lost in the shuffle, Faith eased up to Colonel Sheppard and gave him her patented salacious slouch and smile, "So, Colonel, are any of those tours of the private sort?"

Faith, as always, was beautifully direct in both her question and the way she casually raked her eyes over his body.
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Date:December 14th, 2006 04:27 am (UTC)

[Sheppard] Hello, hello and hello!

"...And doctors..." Sheppard offered by way of greeting, as the others made their way past, and he twisted around slowly, and with a touch of the theatric, his hands out as he watched them pass. "Right... The, uh..." He hesitated, watching them take in the wonder that is his city. Or, rather, he wasn't a greedy man. He was willing to share it... mostly.

Clearing his throat, he shot an apologetic look back to Col. Carter, shrugged, and took a step away in the obviously vain attempt to herd everyone into one area.

"Ladies and gentlemen..." His voice rose above the murmurings. "Yes, I know she's a shock, but if we can leave 'old home' day for, oh... an hour? We've got crews to help you get comfortable, teach you how to use the transport rooms... and set you all up with the tours, yes."

Faith's greeting spun the officer around once more, and face to face with... wow. Okay. Now, she...

"Hello." He took a moment to gather himself in the face of... *ahem* He cleared his throat, gave the woman a boyish grin, and ended up shaking his head ever so slightly. She was... attractive. Yes, that'd be the word. "Yes, well... No. Unfortunately. I mean, well... I'm sure you've got some catching up to do as well. Can't come out this far and not know anyone, right?" He's met her 'type' before, and it usually came down to having to dodge eight or nine hands. No mean feat, that. "Mind you, if you really find yourself lost, feel free to call. Anytime. Pretty much anyone'll know where to find me."

Business... right. Business. He had people to move, both military and civilian.

"Hey, McKay. When you're free? Catch up later... or better yet... bring your friends with you. I'd like a chat with them too." His voice carried up to the control room from the gateroom floor. "Meeting room One, one hour." Which took care of Elizabeth's problem.
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Date:December 13th, 2006 02:18 pm (UTC)

[McKay] Welcome to my bit of the universe ;)

For McKay, gate travel was old hat, as it were. When the wormhole *whooshed* to life, allowing the visitors to arrive, it was with a certain smugness that showed on his face exactly /how/ good he was. Five years ago, the trip would only have been made with a jumper. Now, with all his (with a little help from Sam) failsafes in place, the McKay-Carter bridge is perfectly safe for individual travel.

Not a bad legacy if he had to leave the city today, certainly.

Rose's excitement amused him, and stepping up to where the Doctor and Rose were, his hands raised in gesture. "We worked on it for about six months, collecting the gates." His hands chopped in the air, the motion of 'setting gates', one after another. "I programmed the macro to work like a big game of dominoes, each setting the next off, one and down the line. Takes, total, about 30 minutes of travel time." In a wormhole.

He bounced on the balls of his feet. This was his city. No one knew it better than him; only Radek got close. The Colonel, well, he knew the layout, certainly, and most of the major systems, as did Elizabeth.
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Date:December 13th, 2006 04:43 pm (UTC)

[Rose] Q&A

“So is it like getting off to change busses, or are you stayin on for the whole trip?” Rose asked. “I mean I understand the whole domino thing, but that means a series of these things are active while you’re makin the trip, right? And if you just stay on for the ride, what keeps you from pickin up hitchhikers jumpin on while you route through their section?”

The Doctor seemed proud of her comprehension and logical question. She was always quick to grasp new concepts, it was one of the reasons she’d been asked to travel with him in the first place. But since the Bad Wolf messed with her mind and DNA, she was much better at technical things, and complex mathematics.

Ripley ad turned her attention to look at Mckay now. “There’s lots of things out there you don’t want jumping in, besides your blue life sucking pals.”
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Date:December 13th, 2006 06:13 pm (UTC)

[McKay] Proud papa

Rodney shook his head. "Nope. Can't break into the macro. Tested it over and over, tweaked and finished it up. They signed off on it and it was deemed safe for individual personnel travel. If there was any chance that it'd break, we'd have people stuck in the buffer. See... the gate activates and the ending connect is the next gate in the sequence, which fires off right at the moment of travel completion... It's all very precise, but..." Pointing at the gate and those now in the gateroom, he gave the pair a lopsided grin. "...it works flawlessly. And, before you ask, you can't just tap into a wormhole. Maybe you can with something like, say, a Goa'uld transport ring if you time it just right, but something like a wormhole? Nope."


A -look- comes over the astrophysicist's visage, and he stares for a long moment at the Doctor. /That/ is something he didn't test for.... the TARDIS. And Sam didn't mention it either, though he doesn't hold that against her. She didn't have the benefit of learning how much he didn't know about time and relative dimensions in space.

Before he could give the question voice, Ripley's comment invaded his thoughts, and he nodded. "I know." He is, after all, on the 'premiere' SG:A team, SG-1's Atlantis counterpart. As a result, he's not starstruck like others might be with the arrival of Dr. Jackson, Lt.C. Carter, Colonel Mitchell et. al. In fact, he's more than aware of their shortcomings, just as they're aware of his own ideosyncracies. Mission reports. Gotta love 'em. "And if they're advanced enough to be able to break into a wormhole stream, we've got more trouble than just that."
[User Picture]
Date:December 13th, 2006 11:40 pm (UTC)

[Doctor] Annoyance warning

"Doesn't have to be advanced. Just transdimentional to begin with. Transdimentional beings tend to either be so advanced they're like your Acsended... not interesting in lower life forms, thus safe, or like insects, some lower animal forms... not intentionally harmful." The Doctor pointed out. "And not all buffers work against all transdimentional life forms. Most of which exist beyond the usual human visual spectrum."

"But not our hearing." Rose was rubbing circles over her belly. "We accidently picked up Elvis three months ago. It's some sory of transdimentional thingawhatsis, smart as a dog, but quite happy with the new home it's found on the Tardis. It also sings, if it likes you. Kinda like a humpback mixed with a dog howeling. Jack named it Elvis."

Ripley grinned. "And it really likes Rose. It'd saranade her four hours. We've soundproofed most of the rooms. Me... it growels at. But I growl back. Can't see the damn thing though. Although occasionally we get chewed up shoes and a gnawed on wrench."

The Doctor was grinning. "Hey, You wanted a pet. Who needs a dog or cat when you have Elvis. Point being, some things can get through, though they'd be mostly harmless. You'd be wise to install a spectromiter tuned to the fourth through sixth dimensions focused on your gate. It'd detect what your eyes and limited senses can't, so you can herd anything back into the wormhole. The longer a stream or vortex is open the more likely you are to pick up the odd bug."
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Date:December 14th, 2006 01:56 am (UTC)

[McKay] Oh... heck.

Rodney's expression, for any who were watching him and not listening, fell quickly, from his pleased, proud, smug look to that very much like he'd been patted on the head as if he was a small child, his errors pointed out. And once mentionned, he saw them, glaringly. Disappointment and disbelief coloured his visage, but remarkably, unlike other consultations, he didn't lash out, berating the other man, nor did he offer up arguments as to why he was right and The Doctor was wrong. Instead, he sulked.

Shaking his head, his mind wrapped itself around the myriad of possibilities, and turned his back on them all, staring out at the gateroom. He thought he'd covered everything. The millisecond runs between the gates calculated perfectly, that-that-that...

He heard the chatting about Elvis, bounced slightly in feigned amusement. He missed his friends, honestly. Missed working with The Doctor, the mutual information sharing, even though he tended to be more on the receiving end than the giving, but it did happen on occasion.

"I'll talk to Carter about it in the labs later." McKay wanted to be sure the gate travel was as safe as it could be. Lives depended upon his work, and mistakes, which included omissions, were unacceptable.
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Date:December 14th, 2006 03:24 am (UTC)

[Doctor] Not so bad

"Hey," The Doctor clapped a hand on Rodney's shoulder, "it's not that big a problem. You've done something truly amazing here. Don't be so hard on yourself. No one's perfect, not even me. But this... this is considerably sophisticated for your species and time. Might even be brilliant. Consider the glitch a challenge to overcome."

Rose nudged Rodney a bit, then rubbed his arm. "Big moment. If he's givin' you a compliment, must be better than he's sayin'. So you most likely out-thought Einstein and Hawking and pulled off something not usually humanly possible."

"Oi, I compliment when it's warrented." The Doctor looked offended.

"You look beautiful... for a human, for an ape that's not half-bad, nice bit of markmanship for your poor eyesight, oh, and that plan was brilliant, could have done better myself, but it was good." Rose ticked off. "You compliment and tack on a qualifier." She looked at Rodney. "He likes to be all impressive, but he makes it up as he goes along, so don't let him ruin your moment in the spotlight, yeah?"
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Date:December 14th, 2006 04:38 am (UTC)

[McKay] Oh... okay. :)

Rodney was very much aware of how often The Doctor handed out compliments. He'd gotten that ride, after all, albeit a short one in comparison. But, it was enough. The man rarely slept for the entire time, absorbing as much information as he could, and madly scribbling his notes for every major breakthrough he'd had. One day, it'd be worth something in application, he was sure. As a result of having worked with the man reasonably closely (as closely as one could to someone like the TimeLord), he'd gotten to know him somewhat... and took the compliment such as it was.

That's not to mention the stroking of his arm by Rose. Contact was always at a minimum for him, but from her, he didn't mind it quite so much. Patient Rose... She'd put up with so much, and with the two of them? Rodney was impressed with the amount she /could/ follow, once put into terms she could readily comprehend. That didn't mean, however, that it was at all 'dumbed down'. Simply, metaphor-ized, if such a term could exist. He gave her a ghost of a smile. He was okay.

'Might almost be brilliant'.

He just out Hawking-ed Hawking... and Einstein became a peer. A colleague... and McKay was thrilled. His manner and mien perked, the funk he had begun to sunk in lifted, and nodding, he made as if he was about to say more, but was cut off.. both by Rose's friends arriving, and by the Colonel shouting up instructions.

"Okay, okay. Meeting Room One. One hour." He turned to look at the Doctor, and whomever was left. "The meeting room is up here. One hour. I'll show you the labs when you're ready, give you an idea of what's what..." He stared past for a moment and glared at one of the Marines. "It's o-kay."
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Date:December 14th, 2006 02:46 pm (UTC)


The Doctor nodded to the office, then inclined his head towards Sheppard. “Looks like your friend wants an early meeting. Or to escape Faith.”

He looked over to where Ami and Rose were doing the female cooing thing over Ami’s toddler, and no doubt discussing all things depressingly domestic. The whole idea of domestic still gave him minor panic attacks. Not nearly as bad as a visit with Jackie Tyler used to, but fairly close.

He was torn as to his feelings on that woman’s loss. Sure she was alive and well living with her sort of husband, just cut off from Rose. So there’d been no slap, or possible regeneration, when Rose discovered they were expecting. But she should have her mother to fuss over her. Ripley was doing her best to play mother dragon to them all. But it wasn’t the same.

“So you can show us your lovely city after all the formalities, eh?” The Doctor returned his attention to Rodney. “Unless you’d rather return to your tinkering.”

The Doctor mentally got Rose’s attention. *They want us in that office straight away. You can play catch up with Ami and Scott once they’re all settled in. Promise we’ll stick around at least a few days.*

Rose looked over her shoulder at him and sent a wave of affection and happiness at him. It was almost enough to make him blush. *You can go play with your friends tonight. We’ll have a girls get together.*

*Think the city is ready for the island girls?* He smirked and turned to walk with Rodney up to the office. He noticed Jack trailing him, but Ripley sticking around Rose, giving her space, but generally playing bodyguard.

*Yeah, Like I’m gonna be getting drunk and running about the city full tilt. Nah, just a gabfest is all. YOU’RE more likely to blow something up, offend someone important, or end up in jail than I am at this point.* Rose’s mental voice was filled with humor.

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Date:December 14th, 2006 06:40 pm (UTC)


"Rose!" Chloe cried, approaching her as the Doctor and Rodney moved away. "You turn up in the most unexpected places!"

Eyeing Rose's unmistakable condition, Chloe added, "And in the most unexpected conditions, too!" She glanced after the Doctor, then back at Rose. "Or maybe not quite so unexpected after all, though it took you long enough!"
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Date:December 14th, 2006 10:56 pm (UTC)


Rose turned back and gave Chloe a quick hug as well. She was blushing a little. By the time they got off the island Rose had been making up for lost time, and seemed to be having an odd compition with Daisy and Locke, and Ami and Scott, and possibly Jack and anyone who was willing.

"You have no idea." Rose roilled her eyes. She'd be more than a little attracked from the word "run". And in deep around the time they met Dickens. It took a year and a half for anything to move beyond close friendship though.

"Glad to see you've found a way to keep up your life of fast paced adventure, then."

Rose took Ami's free hand, then Chloe's. "Tonight, girls night. We'll play catch up, yeah? But right now the messy haired guy wants to see those of us who popped in unannounced."

Rose was still grinning as she made it up to the office. Ripley following silently after her. The woman was anything but subtle.
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Date:December 15th, 2006 06:54 am (UTC)


"Sounds like a plan," Chloe said to Rose. "I'll catch up with you all tonight."

Looking over at Blaise and SG-23, she said, "In the mean time, I have things to see, places to go, people to do."
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Date:December 15th, 2006 08:12 am (UTC)

OOC snort

So would that be all of SG23?
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Date:December 15th, 2006 08:13 am (UTC)
"doing", I mean :)
[User Picture]
Date:December 15th, 2006 04:33 pm (UTC)
As soon as I posted that, I knew someone was gonna take it that way. That's not what I/Chloe meant, but I can see it would look that way.

But to answer your question--everyone else, maybe, but not Blaise. Lily would kill her if she tried anything.

(And suddenly I feel the looming presence of the Very Secret Diaries of SG-23....)

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