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December 2nd, 2006

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09:56 pm - Just a little visit
Who: Team Tardis (whomever that consists of now)
Where: A hallway fifty feet from living quarters, the twelfth floor of one of the towers
Invited: Anyone on Atlantis
Status: Complete

There was a stomach dropping lurch and the entire ship jolted. The only one not thrown about was Rose. She was strapped into the only seat available, a two person seat that looked like it had been pulled from the back seat of a car found in a junkyard with it’s upholstery patched with duct tape.

“Everyone alright then?” The Doctor had managed to hold his feet by having a near death grip on the console. He took visual inspection of his current lot of companions, possibly one of the largest entourages he’d ever had. Which often was as much trouble as it was company, as not a one of them had yet mastered the ‘don’t wander off’ rule.

“We have got to replace those external gravity stabilizers. What’s gonna happen once the bump makes its grand entrance?” Jack actually liked the randomness of the landings. Kept them on their toes. Some were rougher than others, so it was a crap shoot on what you’d get.

“Gonna be all cozy in a room with its own stabilizers. But we’ll look into it as soon as we’re anywhere near the parts needed.” The Doctor helped Rose un-strap.

“You sure you got it right? Atlantis… the real Atlantis?” Rose wasn’t having anything mess this up. They were here to visit some friends, who hopefully had kept mum on the whole Time Lord thing. No need to add the Wraith to the list of stupid races trying to get their mits on Time Lord Tech.

“One or two small miscalculations…”

“A planet with a foot of mud over the entire landscape. Mud with leeches.” Ripley pointed out the last ‘miscalculation’.

“Oi, the leeches didn’t bother you now, did they. Took a liking to more human bits.” The Doctor opened the doors and poked his head out. It was a very dimly lit corridor. “Looks like we’re just beyond the currently populated section of the city. Means we can avoid a reception. This lot are a bit techy when it comes to unannounced visitors.”

(Left intentionally open for anyone who wishes to be on the Tardis at this time to jump in)

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Date:December 4th, 2006 02:46 am (UTC)


"Yo, doc, you know that's like saying that vampires are a little bit techy 'bout avoiding sunlight." Faith didn't rise to her feet, she sprang lithely, all Slayer grace and agility, earning a dark glare from Rose who waddled more than she walked these days. Fortunately, Faith was used to Rose's glares – she was used to glares in general from her friends when she continued to demonstrate that a Slayer was a Slayer until the day she died, whether she was twenty or twenty-five. She knew that it wasn't really anything personal and in Rose's case it was a great deal on the hormonal.

"Well, vampires are a little bit techy about avoiding sunlight, right?" The Doctor asked with that maddening and annoying grin of his.

Faith exchanged glances with Jack and Ripley and didn't say another word. There was no point in rising to that particular bait.

"So, we gonna check it out or what?"
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Date:December 7th, 2006 03:46 am (UTC)

[Doctor] Taking lead

"Right, should be this way. I hear some chatter from that direction." The Doctor held his arm out for Rose, who looped her own through his with a huge grin on her face.

"Not like I expected. I thought Atlantis was supposed to be lots of stone buildings and overgrown vines... not to mention a lot of water. Three rings, right?" Rose looked about. "Looks a lot like a spca ship. Not an ancient city."

"Earth legends were only based on the barest of facts. It's not on Earth now, is it. And, you want water?" The Doctor moved to a doorway and gestured at the glass windows. "There's pleanty to be seen."

"We're on another bloody island." Rose looked out over the vast plane of nothing but water.

"Nope. No island. The city floats." Jack spoke up. "Kind of like a really big, stationary boat. And it's and Ancient city alright, but with a capital A. Humans know the race that built it as the Ancients."

Jack looked back to see Faith and Ripley's reaction.


In another section of Atlantis, a lone technichian contacted Doctor Elizabeth Weir. "Ma'm. We had a very strange energy signal on the twelfth floor of B tower. Section 1268. I was trying to find the cause with the sensors, and I'm getting two unidentified life form readings. Definately not human."
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Date:December 7th, 2006 08:39 am (UTC)

[Isabel] Do I hear voices?

Isabel awoke to sunshine warming her face, and opened her eyes to take in the ocean view. From her window on the twelfth floor of one of Atlantis' towers, she had a fantastic vantage over a large segment of the city with the central tower just off to the right, and the seemingly endless ocean beyond it. She'd been here for just over a month now, and every time she woke the view made her smile. It was a shame she'd be returning to Earth soon, but she'd almost done what she'd come here for, and she wanted to go back to Roswell for Thanksgiving and Christmas. General Landry might not be keen on her taking such a long break from work, but she was confident she could persuade him somehow, and she would inevitably end up working at home anyway.

Rising from her bed, she doffed her pyjamas and stepped into the shower, allowing herself only a brief stay under the warm water after washing and rinsing out her long blonde hair. It took two towels to rub it suitably dry, and strands of it clung damply to her jumpsuit after she pulled it on. The grey Atlantis expedition jumpsuit was not flattering in the least, but there were certain advantages to not displaying all her assets when Dr. McKay was around.

As usual, her eye caught the American flag on her shoulder in the mirror, and she had a fleeting moment to wonder what the flag of her homeworld would look like there. Over three years of effort between other projects for the SGC and she was still far from knowing which of many candidate planets she might have come from. Somehow it seemed the Goa'uld and the Asgard had passed her homeworld by entirely. It had certainly never had a Stargate, and even the Ancient database - one of the reasons she had come to Atlantis - had proven of little help other than eliminating a few possibilities.

At least she only had three hundred or so planets on her list now, which was a significant improvement over the nearly one thousand that she'd started with.

Ready for breakfast, Isabel opened the door into the corridor and froze, head cocked to one side. A voice drifted to her ears, coming from around the corner away from the transporter.

"Looks a lot like a space ship." That was familiar somehow. A girl's voice. English accent. "Not an ancient city."

"Earth legends were only based on the barest of facts." A new voice, a man but also English. "It's not on Earth now, is it. And, you want water? There's plenty to be seen."

"We're on another bloody island." The first voice again. They were getting closer. The girl's voice was definitely familiar, although the corridor was distorting it somewhat before it reached Isabel's ears. She ducked back inside her room and retrieved the zat from its locker, then stuck her head back out into the corridor. The voices were definitely closer, although she'd missed some of what they had said.

"Humans know the race that built it as the Ancients," another man said. American and also familiar. Very familiar. Its owner came into view, looking over his shoulder at his companions, but the beep-crackle sound of Isabel's zat arming in her hands as she levelled it at them made him turn to her. They stared at each other for a long moment.

"Captain Jack," Isabel said. Three more people came into view. "Rose? Ripley?" The other man was unfamiliar, dressed in a battered-looking jacket and trousers over... white trainers? He had messy hair and regarded Isabel coolly. "Who are you?" she asked him.
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Date:December 7th, 2006 08:40 am (UTC)

OOC Isabel

Okay so I forgot to mention Faith, so I'll assume she's not come into view yet, possibly hanging back since she's realised that they've encountered someone and wants to make sure they're not walking into a whole bunch of trouble.
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Date:December 7th, 2006 12:29 pm (UTC)

Re: OOC Isabel

Psst... We'rew still on Doctor #9. I love Christorpher Eccleston too much. :)

But we can always make Isobel seeing a brief vision of incarnation #10. She does have some freaky powers, right? Who knows what they are when dealing with another alien.

Still big ears, loveable nose and battered leather jacket.
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Date:December 7th, 2006 12:45 pm (UTC)

Re: OOC Isabel

You said 'The tenth Doctor adventures all happened' - I assumed this meant that the Doctor had regenerated. Sorry!

When the Doctor recognises her, I'll have Isabel's vision return to the correct one. It's been five years since the island - making it about eight or nine years since the end of Roswell the series - so I am working on the assumption that Isabel's powers have developed somewhat.

And since the Doctor does travel in time, that's gotta muck things up.

She was getting too complacent anyway :-)
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Date:December 7th, 2006 02:59 pm (UTC)

[Doctor and Co.] A Blaster from the Past

The Doctor blinked, then grinned. “Isobel! Had no idea you’d be here. Heard some of the others signed up. The island certainly turned into a nice little specialist recruiting ground in the end, didn’t it?” The Doctor didn’t even bother raising his hands. Rose was the only other one present who hadn’t. “Forgot me already then?”

Not that Jack or Ripley looked harmless, as they both were sporting at least one visible blaster.

“No one forgets you.” Rose rolled her eyes. “If it weren’t for the trouble, the constant gabbin’ on would be enough.”


“Um… Isobel, ya mind lowering the energy weapon? Makes Ripley and Faith twitchy. They enjoy a good fight too much.” Jack offered a playful grin.

Ripley snorted. “Cause Jack never likes a bit of violence on the side.”

“You know I’ve gone a good portion of my life without resorting to violence, and now I travel with Flash Gordon, Annie Oakley and a female Bruce Lee. Negotiation is always the better route.” The Doctor looked pointedly at Ripley, who had been the last one to draw a gun unnecessarily.

“In other words talk them to the point of committing suicide to make the noise stop. I’m more humane.” Ripley gave a tight smile.

(OOC. Sorry for the confusion. The adventures happened, but with the ninth doctor instead of the tenth.)
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Date:December 7th, 2006 04:31 pm (UTC)

[Isabel] Now it's a familiar face

OOC: It's Isabel, not Isobel... :-P

The strange man in the suit and trainers spoke, and his appearance seemed to shatter. Isabel gripped her zat tighter, then froze in surprise. It was... the Doctor. Bald, big ears and wearing the same battered leather jacket he'd worn all the time on the island.

"What? Oh, sure," Isabel said, deactivating the zat. "I just heard voices, so you could've been anybody. Not that I don't expect a full team of marines to already be heading this way - the city's sensors will have seen you." She put a finger to her ear and activated her radio headset.

"Evans to Dr. Weir."

"Go ahead," Elizabeth Weir's voice sounded in Isabel's ear.

"We've got some new arrivals near my quarters. I'm sure you've already noticed them, but don't panic, they're friends."

"Oh really?"

"Yes. They were on the island with me."

"Then I would very much like to meet them."

"I'll bring them down to the gate room."

"Very well. Weir out."

Isabel smiled at the others.

"Dr. Weir would like to meet you in the gate room," she said. "I see none of you have changed a bit, except for that bump you've got going there Rose, so I expect that you'll be wanting to see some more of the city. Why are you here, anyway?"
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Date:December 7th, 2006 05:59 pm (UTC)

Team Tardis

“Oh, you know, sight seeing, visiting old friends, seeing if your medical facilities are up to snuff.” The Doctor gestured for Isabel to lead the way. “This Doctor Weir, got to be more diplomat than soldier to run this place. Least we won’t be facing more guns. Thanks for that.”

“And they’ll want to know how we got here without using their gate. Might suspect we’ve been transmatted in.” Rose cut in. “Can’t take you anywhere. Always causing a fuss, you are.”

“You hear what I have to put up with? Enough to drive a body mad, it is. I used to have respect, there was a certain amount of awe involved, but now…”

“He has us to show him he’s full of it.” Jack grinned as he stepped passed the Doctor and offered Isabel his arm. “So, Isabel, what have you been up to in the past couple of years, how long has it been for you? It’s five for us. Time travel makes for interesting friendly drop ins. He tries to keep our timelines straight when dealing with old friends, but…”

“You’re takin’ a fast road to hitchikin’ out of here.” The Doctor warned. He couldn’t tell if it was Ripley or Faith that stifled a laugh behind him.

“And can we find a bathroom on the way?” Rose piped up. “I’ve got a future footballer usin my bladder for practice here.”
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Date:December 7th, 2006 09:28 pm (UTC)

[Isabel] Reunion

"Doctor Weir is a diplomat," Isabel said. "I've only been here a couple of months, but she seems to be a very good one. Staying in charge of the Atlantis expedition as long as she has proves that, I think. As for how you arrived... I assume you parked the TARDIS in an out-of-the-way place? We make fairly extensive use of Asgard beaming technology, and the city has its own teleporters internally, so they'll probably assume you beamed down from a cloaked ship if they don't pick up the TARDIS."

She took Jack's arm with a smile. He'd often been the gentleman on the island, even when he was going at it with George like a crazed rabbit.

"Strangely enough it's been five years for me as well, and I've not been doing any time travelling. Looks like the Doctor managed to keep his timelines straight. Oh and Rose, my room has an en suite, feel free to use it if you need to."

She watched Rose dash into the bathroom, then turned to the others.

"Something odd happened when I first saw you, Doctor. For a moment you looked like someone else. A younger man with messy dark hair, wearing a crumpled suit and white trainers."
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Date:December 8th, 2006 01:41 am (UTC)

[Doctor] present and future

The Doctor frowned at Isabel's comment. Whomever she had seen didn't sound the least bit familiar.

"You saw everyone else alright?" He pressed a bit.

"Yes. Everyone but you." She responded and Jack looked between them.

Ripley and Faith were standing behind them, their faces nearly pressed to the glass looking at the view from the window.

"You ever have visions of the past, or the future?" He considered the possibilities, and Isobel's psychic abilities coupled with her partly non-human nature. "It's possible you saw me, just not the current me."

"Like those old stills Rose dug up? When you had other faces and really bad fashion sense?" Jack looked at him with a small smile. They'd had no end of fun picking apart his past choices in apparel.

"Hey, bet you wore bad fashion statements when you were younger. And now. I seem to recall a pink and lavender ensemble..."

Jack shrugged. "In my time we didn't attach meaning or gender to colors. Not that it mattered much. I met a nice guy named Roy in that outfit. It was the nineteen eighties anyway. At least there was no polyester involved."

“Anyway… It’s possible you saw a future me, Isabel. Hopefully it isn’t a premonition. Not sure how Rose would take to a regeneration right now. She’s goin through enough changes right now. Not too keen on the thought of dyin’ myself, either. Just got some equilibrium in this body, like to keep it for a bit.” The Doctor rubbed his hands down the battered leather of his jacket.

“Rose certainly likes it well enough.” Jack wiggled his eyebrows. “But she’s always had terrible taste in men, you know.”

“Seem to recall more than one proposition from you, Captain.” The Doctor crossed his arms.

“Maybe it’s just sour grapes talking. You made it pretty clear you weren’t interested in a third.” Jack looked back to Isabel, “Your time doesn’t accept those kinda things very often. All these quaint little categories. Rose would never understand or go for it.”

“Go for what?” Rose asked emerging from Isabel’s room, looking much relieved. Her left arm resting on the protrusion of her stomach her maternity top seemed to accentuate instead of hide.

“A triumvirate. But come on, we don’t want to keep this Doctor Wier waiting. She might think we’re up to something.” The Doctor called behind to Ripley and Faith. “Sightseeing later, places to go, people to meet.”

Even though Isabel was on Jack’s arm, it was obvious she was leading them. An elevator trip and several corridors filled with people, and an obvious lack of obvious children, brought them to the Control Room.

It was bright with white lights and shiny consoles looking all streamlined and efficient. The one end of the room was dominated by what would have been a complete circle of stone if part of it weren’t buried in the floor. The Stargate. The Doctor wondered if any of his Companions, had ever seen one work. Lots of flash and glamour to them. He knew Rose hadn’t ever seen. Maybe she’d get a chance.

Lots of people were looking their way expectantly.

“Rodney!” Rose left go the Doctor’s arm and moved as quickly as she could manage to half tackle, half hug the scientist, who was grinning and turning an interesting shade of red at the same time.

“Yes… well… Rose. Nice to see you again… I suppose. And… you’re pregnant.” He stated the obvious as he stammered a bit and awkwardly patted her shoulder until she stopped hugging him.

The Doctor had momentarily tensed. Lots of armed soldiers standing about, watching with hawklike eyes. At least they had the sense, or training, not to raise their guns on a pregnant female, even if she was half rushing one of their own people.

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Date:December 8th, 2006 02:06 am (UTC)

[Faith] Impressive

Faith let out a low, appreciative whistle at the sight of the giant stone ring in the floor. She'd seen the Stargate before, but this one was just as impressive; it hadn't been easy to arrange, even after signing enough paperwork for her hand to cramp and especially with that little "blemish" on her record that somehow Daniel's friend Sam Carter managed to dig up. But Daniel, Jon – whom she didn't have any trouble believing was a clone of General O'Neill after meeting the man – , Blaise and even Rodney – reluctantly – vouched for her.

Daniel, of course, had ulterior motives and was sadly disappointed that she wasn't ready to give up the calling of Slayer to go kick alien ass. But she was still learning to be a team player, and she told him that, and then gave him hope that she might someday be interested in some intergalactic ass whooping.

(And,) Faith thought eyeing the two men standing closest to Rodney, (Some intergalactic ass groping too.) One was a soldier, tall with mussed-bed-tousled dark hair and the other was all rippling muscles and untamed wildness. (Oh, yeah, *this* is the place to visit.)

"So, Isabel, Rodney," Faith settled into a comfortable and deceptively relaxed slouch. "You gonna do the intros before Rose pops?"
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Date:December 8th, 2006 07:52 am (UTC)

[Isabel] Meet the parents

"You haven't changed a bit then, Captain Jack."

Isabel wasn't entirely sure why she took the Doctor and the others to the gate room by a slightly longer route than she would normally use, but there was a certain sense of wanting to show off at the back of her mind.

This is my place, this is where I'm accepted.

Their reactions were suitably impressed as she led them into the gate room, where Dr. Weir and Major Sheppard had been afforded plenty of time to prepare for their arrival. Sheppard's team and a few soldiers were scattered around, ideally placed to cover the entire room should it be necessary - Ronon looking belligerent and grumpy as usual, and Dr. McKay looking irritated at being pulled from whatever vitally important task it was which was occupying his attention today.

At least we stopped fighting, Isabel thought, watching his face as he took in who the arrivals were. His expression of surprise was nothing compared to that which took over from it when Rose recognised him and nearly bowled him over with a running hug. Isabel wasn't sure she'd ever seen a pregnant woman move so fast. Faith, acting extremely over-the-top casual as usual when she was in an uncomfortable situation, mentioned introductions.

"Of course," Isabel said. "Dr. Weir, these are people who were with Dr. McKay and I on the island. This nochalant young lady is Faith, a vampire slayer. The man who's leering at you is Captain Jack Harkness, an opportunistic intergalactic traveller and occasional con artist. The lady with claws is Ripley, who's another kind of human-alien hybrid. The man with the big ears is the Doctor, and the young lady who's trying to squeeze Dr. McKay to death is Rose Tyler, his travelling companion.

"Guys, this is Dr. Elizabeth Weir, leader of the Atlantis Expedition. The man with messy hair is Major John Sheppard, commander of Atlantis' military forces. The two next to them are Ronon Dex and Teyla Emmagan, both natives of the Pegasus galaxy and members of Major Sheppard's team. And I think you remember Dr. Rodney McKay."
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Date:December 8th, 2006 11:08 pm (UTC)

Re: [Isabel] Meet the parents

It's Colonel Sheppard :-) Sheppard got a promotion between S2 and S3 to Lieutenant Colonel. But that's a mouthful, so like Colonel Carter, he gets called Colonel now.
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Date:December 9th, 2006 12:22 am (UTC)

Re: [Isabel] Meet the parents

Woops! Pretend Isabel said Colonel then, she wouldn't make that mistake as she's only been introduced to him as a Colonel. I forgot he got promoted!
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Date:December 12th, 2006 01:28 am (UTC)

Meet and Great

"Hello." The Doctor waved and grinned, looking more than a little clownish, an image he often used to his advantage. "Just stopped by for a visit and a cuppa. See if you had any milk, maybe some duct tape."

His eyes darted with amusement to Rodney. When they first met the Doctor had mentioned he'd frequently stop on Earth for milk and duct tape. Good milk, it happens, only came from Earth cows. And duct tape was one of the best inventions to come from the planet. Rodney had gone ballistic that his home world was reduced to a Tescos on the galactic level.

Doctor Wier raised an eyebrow. "We're low on milk, but the duct tape we can offer. Sheppard can ring you up at the register."

The Doctor's grin grew. He liked her.

"I've read the files on the anomalous island. It seems much of the information is rather vague. I was told that if we want secrets kept we have to be able to keep them as well. That seems fair enough. Even Rodney will only tell us you’re an alien of unknown origin,” she announced. The Doctor felt touched by that bit of loyalty. It wasn’t as if the scientist was lying, after all his people were largely unknown to this lot. “But he did say he could spend years just trying to completely understand your technology. Keeping secrets is all well and good until it comes to the security of this city. So I have to ask just how you arrived.”

“My ship, of course. Obviously not through your little wormhole network.” He gestured to the gate. “Not really big on redecorating, are you? You haven’t changed this place much since taking over from the previous owners.”
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Date:December 12th, 2006 03:38 am (UTC)

NPC - Elizabeth Wier

"You'll have to tell me more about it. But for now I need all of you to move to the side." Elizabeth made her tone clear that this was not a request. "We have some people coming through."

She wasn't going to give details. These people could be a threat, although, to be honest, seeing a very pregnant woman among them did seem to make them less of one. That was purely psychological. They may well actually count on that. If these people were who they claimed to be, then things were going to get a lot more interesting in the near future. There was a reason "May you live in interesting times" was considered a Chinese curse.

McKay seemed almost relieved to have Rose let him go to do his job. The woman wandered back to the Doctor. That man was an enegma. He acted almost clownish, but there was something of a soldier to him. That he wasn't human, despite looking like one was disconcerting. Also, Rose was introduced as his companion. That was most likely a euphanism, or a term for mate among his people, because body language alone let anyone know just who's offspring she carried.

Elizabeth gave Sheppard the look. He knew to keep his eyes, and his people, ocused on this group. Keep them out of trouble and keep them from being a threat.

"Okay people, we're expecting our visitors in five minutes."
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Date:December 12th, 2006 04:21 am (UTC)

[McKay] Bowled over

Rodney was... surprised to see the Doctor, and Rose? Rose was...

"You're..." Looking well? Looking... large? "Um..."



He had the grace to redden, and he nodded as Elizabeth explained (with not a little bit of guilt added, but one had to know the expedition lead to know) that even he didn't really explain exactly what it was the Doctor had in the TARDIS. Of course, he refused to discuss the city in those years on the island, too. Even now, the fact that the city is actually a giant /spaceship/, and one that he was still figuring out how to fly was something that he kept close to his vest. He knew how to engage the engines and how to handle the navigation. Beyond that? Nope. Still a mystery. Wasn't like the Hippophyralcus...

After all this time, he was glad that he was atleast mildly forgiven for keeping his life more or less a secret. There were reasons he was such a jerk... then and now.

"The.. uh.. introductions." Could be done after. Probably in a small meeting room while they decided exactly how far into the city they could go. He'd be there to help out.
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Date:December 12th, 2006 11:43 am (UTC)

[Isabel] Not as disasterous as expected

Isabel moved readily out of the way of the gate with the others, finding herself unconsciously sticking closer to the Atlantis people than to the Doctor and his companions. Of course, she was a member of the SGC and expected to be available to lend a hand with whatever might need a hand lending. Gate travel might seem routine to an observer, but it was still taken very seriously when it came down to it, even so many years after the Tau'ri started exploring the galaxy.

In a way, Isabel was glad of the distraction of some incoming travellers. She couldn't remember if she'd been told who they were or not - she'd spent most of her time on Atlantis with her head deep in the Ancient database, looking for clues as to the location of her original homeworld. It was a project the SGC were happy to support her in, as they always seemed keen to meet new species. Isabel wasn't sure if Kivar would be entirely happy to welcome space travellers from Earth, but she knew he'd be surprised. It was a pretty safe bet that nobody on his side of things knew anything about the Stargates. And although she'd always been the most humanised of the Royal Four, she still held a powerful desire to know more about her origins. Her past life she could leave behind, but her species and their culture were still important.

She watched McKay fidgeting as they waited for the gate to open, throwing glances at Rose - or more precisely, Rose's enormous belly. To Isabel's eyes, the girl looked like she was going to go into labour at any moment. Fortunately Dr. Beckett and his team would be able to take expert care of Rose if she did happen to choose a moment on Atlantis to have the baby. McKay had seemed quite flustered by Rose's enthusiastic greeting and her obvious state of pregnancy, flustered enough that he hadn't even given Isabel any of those looks which she hadn't been able to make him stop doing. Some men were just idiots around women, obviously.

McKay was a stark contrast to Dr. Weir, who stood upright and proud, supremely confident as her gaze rested calmly on the gate. Dignified was the word which came to mind. Sheppard, standing next to her, looked like he'd just got out of bed, but Isabel knew he'd be ready for trouble, and his hand wasn't far from his sidearm.

Isabel longed to ask Faith what had got her travelling around with the Doctor, but held her silence. Whoever was coming was clearly important...

Of course! The exchange with the SGC on Earth. Some familiar faces in that lot, too. Quite a reunion this was going to be.
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Date:December 8th, 2006 12:26 am (UTC)

[NPC Weir] Meanwhile in the Control Room

Elizabeth signed off with Isabel, and turned quite unsurprised to see Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard with his typical part-curious/part-neutral/part-amused look on his face. "So, we got company?"

"So it seems," Elizabeth nodded.

"We trust it?"

"Colonel Sheppard, after all these years, are you questioning my judgement?"

"Nope," John rocked on his heels and gave a half shrug. "But, Isabel said the word 'island' and if my memory serves, that conjures up all sorts of bad and nasty. Who's to say that these people are who she thinks they are? And, might it be a bit convenient that they arrive just a little while before we're supposed to receive the contigent from the SGC?"

"I'm trusting that your team and a security detail will be on standby," Elizabeth sat behind her desk with a smile.

"Damn straight," John agreed. He touched his radio, automatically configured to the frequency to most easily reach his team. "Change in plans, people. According to our exchange student, Isabel, we just got a few visitors. People from back in her and McKay's good old high school island days."

Is that not a tad convenient in the timing of it, John? Tuned into the frequency, Elizabeth heard Teyla's immediate response.

Could be a trick, Ronan followed up with.

Um, who? Prompted McKay.

John smiled, clearly as unsurprised by their answers as Elizabeth was. Isabel didn't say, but I'm sure we'll know soon enough. They're on their way to the control room.

As am I.

Me too.

There was a moment of silent.

"Rodney?" John prompted in the same breath that Teyla and Ronan said, Rodney? and McKay.

Yes, yes, of course. Not like I'm busy doing anything important -

John cut the signal. "They're coming."

"So I heard," Elizabeth smiled and shook her head.
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Date:December 8th, 2006 12:28 am (UTC)

OOC: Bouncey

*That* was fun! I didn't know I had any Atlantis in me :-)
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Date:December 8th, 2006 01:47 am (UTC)

Re: OOC: Bouncey

Applause! You did beautifully, as well. :)
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Date:December 8th, 2006 02:07 am (UTC)

Re: OOC: Bouncey

Aww, shucks.


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