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Crossing Lost RPG

January 18th, 2007

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01:50 pm - And Escaping

Who: NPC
When: During the bigwig's powow
Where: One of the towers, a balcony
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete


Marina McKimmon hadn’t paid attention to the general request for all new arrivals to report to medical.  She’d only been here a few hours and she already knew what a mistake it was.  She’d been so sure, so confident that this would not only be a brilliant career move, but also away to keep gloriously busy and move on from her mother’s death  not even a year after she’d lost little Jamie. 



Her pride and joy, twelve years old, had fought against the invasive cancer so valiantly.  He had been an inspiration to all who knew him. His zest for life had inspired her.  To grab hold with both hands, to not let herself be pulled under in her grief.  Her mother had helped her, both women making sure they went out and ‘did things’.  Marina’s work as a engineer had kept her busy and weekend trips with her mother had left her little time to mope.


Six months ago her mother just didn’t wake up one morning.  After a month of ‘therapy’ Marina had a good handle on it, and she’d already been in the running for the special scientific project run by an international mindpool.  This trip had seemed so exciting, so perfect.


But all she felt was how much Jamie would have loved this.  How far away from them she felt, galaxies away. There was nothing here for her.  No friends, no one waiting for her return back home.  Nothing but work to make her stop thinking.  And really, what was the point?


The wind whipped at her hair as she looked out over the alien horizon.  Water in every direction.  Her hands were wrapped around a railing fashioned by alien beings.  The sky above her at night would fill with stars she’d never seen.  In the face of this, what did she think she could do?  One woman, alone, so alone.


Marina looked down.  23 stories down there was another part of the city forming a metal shore.  The water sparkled in the sun.  Yet it was all emptiness.


How many seconds would it take to reach that ocean level? 


Turned out it only took five.



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Date:January 19th, 2007 10:39 am (UTC)


Isabel woke feeling... normal. The back of her mind buzzed with wrong as it had earlier, but in herself she felt normal enough to realise that her behaviour before had been irrational. Unusual. Whatever was affecting some of the new arrivals was obviously contagious, but if she felt fine now... was she really fine, or was she just deluding herself?

She rose, changed her crumpled Atlantis uniform for a fresh one, and went to the window. The ocean view lifted her heart, and she opened the window to breath in the sea air. Atlantis was many things to many of its inhabitants, but it was undeniably gorgeous.

A person fell past Isabel's room.

She leaned out, hanging over the bottom of the window to see where the person was falling, one hand outstretched, her mind reaching out to get a grip on them, to catch them before they...

The sound of the impact with the water carried clear up to Isabel's room. Mind blank, Isabel didn't hesitate before she climbed through her window and dived, angling herself to slice perfectly into the water. The impact shocked the breath out of her, and she plunged deep into the sea, but she pushed and broke the surface, gasping for air, looking around. Bubbles rose not far from her, and she filled her lungs and dived, ignoring the sting of the water in her eyes as she searched. A dim shape was just visible, slowly rising to the surface. Motionless. Dead or unconscious Isabel didn't know. She swam down and grabbed an arm and hauled the woman's limp form up to the surface, then looked around for a way out of the water. Sheer walls rose around them. No way out.

Settling herself onto her back, she took the woman in a tow and started to swim, out toward the ocean. Somewhere around the city there'd be a way to climb out of the water.
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Date:January 24th, 2007 03:11 pm (UTC)


It was literally insane inside.

On the way to the ‘docks’ as she called this area of Atlantis with easy access to the water and floating launches for actual watercraft, she had seen a couple ready to make the beast with two backs in the hallway. Now Molly was far from a prude, public nudity for certain dances was common as she grew up. But some things were just crass, and best taken behind closed doors. Public displays of affection were fine, sex in the common room, not so much.

After security split up the almost fight in the Mess, Molly waved Scott off to take care of whatever he had to. He’d tell her later. And some of those affected were apparently friends of his… or his ‘uncle’s.

So here she was in the temperate waters, doing some laps. Out here, with water around her, the creatures of this alien ocean beneath her, she found peace. Nature was nature no matter what planet.

Molly spotted someone else out in the water, some distance away. She couldn’t make out much so far away, but she could see they were pulling something, or someone.

Molly headed towards them. She had always been a strong swimmer. Better lung capacity, and natural flexibility. Her strong, sure strokes brought her to her target in a few minutes. Even then, the push for speed actually had her breathing a bit hard.

It was Isabel, and she had a limp woman in a rescue carry. Isabel was fit, but showing the first signs of getting tired. Molly had no idea how long she’d been swimming.

“What happened?” Molly let her fingers drift to the limp woman’s carotid pulse. The flesh was cold.

“Jumper, I think. Went right passed me.” Isabel appeared to be looking for a place she could access the city.

Molly shook her head. Blood was still a bit visible at the woman’s nostrils, much was undoubtedly washed away in the water.

“She’s gone, Isabel. The impact with the water alone most likely…” Molly looked at Isabel with sympathy. “But you kept her from just disappearing. Let me take her. I’ll lead you to the docks.”

Isabel was weighed down by clothing as well as by the woman she’d pulled this far.

The two swam for the harbor like area, and Molly supported the body until Isabel was up and out of the water. Then she indicated a hatch to inside some two ‘blocks’ away. “Call for a medical team. I don’t think the two of us can drag her out of here alone.”
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Date:January 24th, 2007 03:21 pm (UTC)


Isabel ignored the water dripping off her as she took a moment to breathe on dry land. The swim had been tiring, although it would not have been anywhere near as difficult had the water been warmer, and if Isabel had been more appropriately dressed. She shivered in the breeze, then looked back out at the water and Molly, who supported the woman's body on the surface.

"I can get her out," Isabel said, gathering her strength. She was stronger now than when they'd been on the island, although she didn't use her powers much on Atlantis. Molly wouldn't appreciate just how much the island had changed Isabel.

She stretched out a hand and focussed her mind on the woman's body, which floated gently out of the water and up onto the dock. Once it was settled in place, Isabel let out a gasping breath. Molly climbed nimbly out of the water and came over, looking concerned, but Isabel waved away her inquiries and focussed again, driving the water out of her clothes and hair, then extending the same to Molly and the corpse, which could at least look presentable in death.

Once that was attended to, she slumped onto her back and stared up at the sky. Her radio crackled in her ear, the electronics ruined by the water. She pulled it out and left it on the dock.

"Perhaps that wasn't quite so wise," she said. "I'll have to rest a moment."
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Date:January 19th, 2007 08:11 pm (UTC)


Just... ew.

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