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Getting Away - Five Years Found

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Crossing Lost RPG

January 7th, 2007

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08:05 pm - Getting Away
Who: Rose, Ami, Scott, Ripley, thje Doctor,
When: During the bigwig's powow
Where: A previously unoccupied apartment
Invited: Anyone
Status: Incomplete

The Doctor had helped convince Beckett that getting the true empaths out of the Infirmary, and as far away from most of the population as could be safely managed, was a logical course of action.  Rose wasn't in the room when he did it, so she didn't know if he used hard logic or just ordered them.  For some reason, most people seemed inclined to do what he said.  He was a natural leader.  900 years of personality could do that, she supposed. 

She stroked Izabel's dark hair and smiled whistfully.  She'd been hoping for a girl.  Although if the little bit ended up with either his father's nose or ears... a boy might be better after all.  Of course, she'd been warned that he could have none of his father's current traits, and any of his former ones.  It was terribly confusing sometimes.

"So you feeling any better with her sleepin?"  Rose had volunteered to keep her eye on Ami and Isabel. 

Where Rose went, lately, Ripley followed.  The Doctor had helped bring some of their effectsa to this apartment, as it was not their originally assigned one.  Jack was staying with Faith, not wanting her to feel abandoned when she came round.  He was looking a little angry at her being strapped down, but after hearing she'd attacked Daniel, he didn't argue.  It didn't mean he liked it though.

Ami was looking tired, strained.  "Where's Scott, anyway, can't he help you shield or somthin?"

"He's most likely doing all he can to keep himself sane."  The Doctor offered. "There's a chance he's affected, and being able to shut off might be a gift."

"Too bad you can't give everyone a big done of mood stabilizer.  Like they do for Manic Depressives."  Rose quirked her lips.

The Doctor's head shot up. "Rose, you're brilliant!"  She pulled her off her perch on the edge of Isabel's bed and spun her around in a hug before giving her a very thorough kiss.  "Knew there was a reason I married you.  You stay here with Ami and Izzy, I'm going to find Doctor Beckett."

Rose licked her lips.  "It can't be that easy."

"Course it's not.  They also won't have enough psychotropic medications to go around.  But really essential personnel and people in the worst shape might be helped.  Could ease the symptoms, even if it can't make them go away.  Maybe we could see someone who knows about native medicinal plants, see if this place has something like chamomile."

He left, the door sliding closed behind him.  At least this time when he called her brilliant he wasn't tricking her into the tardis to send her home.  He was coming back.

God, she'd felt so useless, so betrayed when he's done that.  She felt the chill of tears on her cheeks as her heart constricted at the memory.  Useless, abandoned, betrayed by the man she loved.  He'd gone to die and sent her home like a child. 

Rose wrapped her arms around herself and tried to breathe.

"Rose?"  Ripley took hold of her shoulder.  That little gesture of concern just seemed to open a floodgate as Rose melted into tears, the emptiness and fear of that moment over five years ago swallowing her up again at the mear memory of it.

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Date:January 10th, 2007 09:32 pm (UTC)
OOC: I'd join in, but my only PC in Atlantis is currently strapped to a bed in the infirmary....
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Date:January 15th, 2007 11:05 pm (UTC)


Kenzaki had seen the Doctor leave an apartment during his wanderings. Since nobody had managed to catch him (but he hadn't found Isabel either), he was free to wander loose.

He nudged the door signal, and to his surprise, it opened. He figured he'd look and see if Isabel was there, and if not, then he might stay and avoid anybody looking for him. After all, he trusted the Doctor to find someplace safe.

Taking in the crowd, he smiled. It was all Island folk, people he knew were safe. "Hello," he said, extremely happy to see them all.

(OOC: I presume nobody found Kenzaki so he's been wandering about loose.)
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Date:January 18th, 2007 02:34 pm (UTC)


Ripley looked up, a welcoming smile spreading across her face. “Kenzaki.”

She would have hugged the guy, but right now her arms were kinda full of sobbing Rose. Either whatever was going on was spreading, or Rose was riding the hormone roller-coaster again. Not that anyone would actually call it that to her face. Jack’s turn of phrase had stuck though.

“Looking good there kid.” She nodded with approval to Kenzaki’s Atlantis outfit.

“Rose, comeon, it’s Kenzaki, see. The Doc’s only gone to medical. He’ll be back.”

Rose sniffled and moved away. Thankfully she’d started to forgo her usual mascara, as her occasional emotional outbursts tended to make her look like a raccoon. She sniffed a bit, and tried to regain her lost composure. She was glad to see Kenzaki, which seemed to help. He was a nice guy, dependable.

“Hey there.” Now she was embarrassed and her face was turning a bit red, to match the rim around her eyes.
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Date:January 21st, 2007 01:52 am (UTC)


Kenzaki settled down, happy to not be on the run for the moment. He wished he was back on Earth, because even being stationed where he was, he felt less restricted there.

"Ripley, Rose," he said. "It's been a long time." It was so good to be able to talk without resorting to gestures or mangled words.
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Date:January 24th, 2007 12:27 pm (UTC)


"I'm feeling better being ... away," Ami remarked quietly to Rose's inquiry about her emotional state. She closed her eyes and sensed Scott along their link and gave him a pulse of love and affection. He was safely esconsed in his Algeiban side which seemed to protect him from the madness going around the City.

/Have you seen a doctor yet?/

/No./ Though his voice was emotionless, Ami knew that if it hadn't been, Scott would have been annoyed by the question and the requirement.

Ami smiled slightly. /Come on back, then, love. Rose and Ripley and Kenzaki are here. The Doctor just stepped out to 'help.'/

/On my way,/ her husband replied before sending a pulse of affection that Ami returned. Then his mental touch withdrew.

"Scott's on his way now," Ami opened her eyes and focused on the room. "He was staying away at my bequest. He didn't like it much though."

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