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Infirmery influx - Five Years Found

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Crossing Lost RPG

December 26th, 2006

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08:19 pm - Infirmery influx

Who: Dr. Beckett, Chloe, Ami, Doctor, Rose, Tayla etc
Where: Medical, Atlantis
When: Approx. one to two hours after SG-23's arrival
Invited: Anyone and everyone
Status: Incomplete


Rose patiently withstood the poking and prodding, the taking of blood samples and the machine that doubled as a fetal heart monitor.  It never ceased to amaze her when she heard the rapid double beat that almost sounded like a train. 


The first time they had heard that, she’d felt the Doctor’s fear and worry, but he separated himself from it, so she no longer could sense it.  He’d told her he’d thought he’d heard a problem, but all tests proved otherwise.  He wasn’t lying, she could sense that, so she took his word on it.


The Sonagram was a bit different that the sonic imager, and while it didn’t give her the full three dimensional image of her baby, evidently Doctor Beckett could read it just fine.


“Oh, aye, he’s got a big head, this one.”


Rose snorted.  “So does his father.  So the second opinion is yes, definitely c-section, right?”


“It’s most likely.  I don’t think you’ll be able to safely deliver with the usual dilation. Too many complications could come about.”  He sounded like he said aboot, and Rose had to smile.


The Doctor nodded to the carefully labeled blood vials.  His and Rose’s. “You’ll want to be looking at mine first.  Unless it’s specially treated, it breaks down in one hour, twenty three minutes and fifteen seconds.”


It was a built in precaution Rassilon had instilled along with the third strand allowing regeneration.  No one could keep, copy or clone Gallifreyian DNA without knowing how, and only Time Lords knew how.


“You’ll be staying for a while then?  So I can run through these tests?” Beckett looked like he doubted the tourist story, even if it was the truth.


“Few days at least.  Too many people to catch up with now,” the Doctor looked dejected.


“Least a week, yeah?” He winced, but nodded.  She wouldn’t say it, because it still hurt a bit, but he’d give her a week visiting her mum.  Now she didn’t have Jackie anymore, so his grand romantic gesture was allowing her to see friends she had made on the Island.  Letting her stay in touch with her own world and time.  In a way it gave her a more permanent home that the Tardis, though she considered the living ship more home than Earth any more, and it gave this baby a home world. He’d never give her flowers, or chocolates, or any of those corny things.  He’d show her solar systems being born and dying, take her to places where she was the first human to step,  and he gave her ties, for a man who didn’t do domestic, he was pretty good at certain aspects.


“So, can I eat yet?” Rose looked hopefully at Beckett.


“I’ll call for ye if there are any more questions.  You can go have a bite, sure.”  Beckett was looking somewhere between puzzled and excited over what readings he had so far.  He was keeping himself reassuring and kind, a proper doctor with a wonderful bedside manner, but he was intrigued.


Collecting Jack and Ripley at the door, they had gone only ten minutes before Chloe was brought in.  They managed to miss the first wave of problem patients entirely.

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Date:January 1st, 2007 04:33 am (UTC)

[Daniel] Escaping the Embarrasing Questions

As much as he wanted to check on his team, Daniel stayed close while Faith was restrained and sedated. He didn't know what was going on, but there was enough insanity in the infirmary for him to know that it wasn't good. Not that he needed to see the infirmary to know that. Faith's assault was good enough for him. Seeing SGC marines and scientists being examined and confined though only confirmed his suspicions.

If it hadn't been for Faith, he would have assumed that something happened to them when they came through the 'gate. But Faith had been here before they came through the 'gate. Unless this emotional instability, whatever it was, was contagious and spreading pretty rapidly. However, there didn't seem to be any Atlantis personnel affected.

(Unless Faith was more susceptible. . . but why?)

Daniel filed it away for later. He allowed himself to be tended to, and wasn't surprised at the confirmation of two broken ribs. (Great. I am never going to live this down.) He was just happy to see that Jon was busy talking to Ami, which meant he didn't have to give any explanation at the moment.

Though the nurse attempted to keep him there, once it was revealed that he was clean, Daniel managed to nicely talk himself out of the infirmary. He needed to talk to his team and see if they were truly and completely affected by whatever was going on around Atlantis.

"Dr. Jackson," Teyla Emmagen met him in the corridor outside of the infirmary. She and Ronon accompanied two marines who held a scientist and another marine between them. "You have been released?"

"Yeah, I need to … talk to my team."

"Dr. Jackson. Tell these idiot alien primitives and the pea-brained jarhead –" the scientist, a Dr. White, began as he was carried past.

"Dr. White, I think that cooperation would really go a long way to helping the situation right now," Daniel said calmly. "Hurling insults at our hosts will not."

"I'm going to assume he isn't usually this friendly?" Ronon asked.

"No, not usually," Daniel agreed as he stepped aside to allow the entourage to pass.

Dr. White's continued insults followed as Daniel hurried away.

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