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Crossing Lost RPG

December 26th, 2006

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08:19 pm - Infirmery influx

Who: Dr. Beckett, Chloe, Ami, Doctor, Rose, Tayla etc
Where: Medical, Atlantis
When: Approx. one to two hours after SG-23's arrival
Invited: Anyone and everyone
Status: Incomplete


Rose patiently withstood the poking and prodding, the taking of blood samples and the machine that doubled as a fetal heart monitor.  It never ceased to amaze her when she heard the rapid double beat that almost sounded like a train. 


The first time they had heard that, she’d felt the Doctor’s fear and worry, but he separated himself from it, so she no longer could sense it.  He’d told her he’d thought he’d heard a problem, but all tests proved otherwise.  He wasn’t lying, she could sense that, so she took his word on it.


The Sonagram was a bit different that the sonic imager, and while it didn’t give her the full three dimensional image of her baby, evidently Doctor Beckett could read it just fine.


“Oh, aye, he’s got a big head, this one.”


Rose snorted.  “So does his father.  So the second opinion is yes, definitely c-section, right?”


“It’s most likely.  I don’t think you’ll be able to safely deliver with the usual dilation. Too many complications could come about.”  He sounded like he said aboot, and Rose had to smile.


The Doctor nodded to the carefully labeled blood vials.  His and Rose’s. “You’ll want to be looking at mine first.  Unless it’s specially treated, it breaks down in one hour, twenty three minutes and fifteen seconds.”


It was a built in precaution Rassilon had instilled along with the third strand allowing regeneration.  No one could keep, copy or clone Gallifreyian DNA without knowing how, and only Time Lords knew how.


“You’ll be staying for a while then?  So I can run through these tests?” Beckett looked like he doubted the tourist story, even if it was the truth.


“Few days at least.  Too many people to catch up with now,” the Doctor looked dejected.


“Least a week, yeah?” He winced, but nodded.  She wouldn’t say it, because it still hurt a bit, but he’d give her a week visiting her mum.  Now she didn’t have Jackie anymore, so his grand romantic gesture was allowing her to see friends she had made on the Island.  Letting her stay in touch with her own world and time.  In a way it gave her a more permanent home that the Tardis, though she considered the living ship more home than Earth any more, and it gave this baby a home world. He’d never give her flowers, or chocolates, or any of those corny things.  He’d show her solar systems being born and dying, take her to places where she was the first human to step,  and he gave her ties, for a man who didn’t do domestic, he was pretty good at certain aspects.


“So, can I eat yet?” Rose looked hopefully at Beckett.


“I’ll call for ye if there are any more questions.  You can go have a bite, sure.”  Beckett was looking somewhere between puzzled and excited over what readings he had so far.  He was keeping himself reassuring and kind, a proper doctor with a wonderful bedside manner, but he was intrigued.


Collecting Jack and Ripley at the door, they had gone only ten minutes before Chloe was brought in.  They managed to miss the first wave of problem patients entirely.

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Date:December 29th, 2006 11:04 am (UTC)

[Jon] Cautious

Jon approached the medical bay even less cheerfully than usual. The fact that Daniel seemed normal enough gave him hope though, but his sense of Ami's mood had gone from simmering tension to a blank slate. After hearing a few more reports about arrivals going wacko, he wasn't sure he wanted to know what was going on behind those shields.

The groups scattered on arrival: Sheppard sought out a very rushed-looking Dr Beckett, Faith's trusty Marines were guided toward a room of her very own, and Daniel led the recalcitrant Kenzaki to the nursing station, where calmer newbies were reporting in. For his part, Jon stuffed his hands in his pockets and sidled over to the 'quiet' end of the infirmary.

/Knock, knock/ Then, blinking as he saw Isabelle asleep beside Ami: "Ok, the cute is definitely still there, but she's running out of small, fast."

OOC: I think Jon and Molly have been away from Earth for 6 months months or so.
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Date:December 29th, 2006 03:07 pm (UTC)


Sheppard waited until the doc turned around to start on his next 'round' before grabbing him. The place looked like controlled chaos, which, in his experience, wasn't a bad thing. Yet. Once grabbed, the Colonel's voice canted low, his eyes looked everywhere but at the chief medico to be sure no one really overheard.

"We may have a little problem here. I'll need you to get some of your people together and send 'em off to the Alpha site. I'll have an escort waiting for them at the gateroom. Whatever it is, the city isn't registering it as an airborne, or she'd have shut us down completely. So... not sure what it is."

Dr. Beckett sighed, his shoulders lowering in the action, and looked around himself as the Colonel did. It was sort of like yawning... the action caused the same in others. "Aye. I'll get on it. So far, though... the blood results are normal. Well, as normal as ye can get with some of our patients." The doctor attempted a smile, slight, but it indicated that he was at least still in good humour. No deaths, that was good. "What does Rodney say?"

A shrug was the answer that the Colonel offered, before following it up with a shake of his head. "He said he'd get on it. He denies it having anything to do with gate travel, by the way, but he said he'd start searching the Ancient database for any other potential instance."

He paused, and looked around again. "In the meantime..." Sheppard straightened and gave the other man a supportive smile. "...see what you can find out. I need something to give to Elizabeth other than 'Oh, people are freaking out and it's not only the gate-travellers.'. And, I should go find Rodney's friend. Find out a little more there... And, I'm going to bring Teyla and Ronan... once I find them again." And question those now in the Infirmary.

This entire ordeal was just beginning to irritate him, and he exhaled again. "You know... I just have this little feeling that movie night is gonna be cancelled tonight. And I had big plans riding on this one." Beat. "Figures."
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Date:December 30th, 2006 12:45 am (UTC)

[Team Tardis]

And they missed the action in the cafeteria as well. By the time the Doctor, Rose, Jack and Ripley made it into the cafeteria, things were somewhat back to normal. Small groups talking together, muttering about a near fight, but nothing really out of the ordinary. Except for one homesick looking woman crying in a corner.

Rose grinned and waved when she spotted Molly. Now that was just too surreal. An elf, albeit half, in space. Well… on a space ship.

Molly waved and gestured them over. By the time they joined her, Molly was looking almost frightened by the concoction on Rose’s tray.

“I take it congratulations are in order.” Molly looked pointedly at Rose. “A new life is the highest blessing. And this one much more than any other, I think.”

Rose popped a vinegar and cheese smothered chip in her mouth. It had an odd texture, more solid than earth potato, but a bit mealy as well. Not bad, but odd.

“Yeah, well I’m not about to end up with a passel of little ones. Not when it takes this long. You know that his people did away with pregnancy and birth. It’s lookin like a right plan from here bout now.” Rose added catchup to her chips and Molly winced at the combination.

“No children?” Molly looked quizzically at the Doctor, easier than looking at fries smothered in all that.

“Course we had children? Think we just sprang fully formed from the ocean? They were engineered from the best mixture of genetic donors. Created and gestated in the Looms until they were complete, then they went to the nurseries, or to a parent if one wished to raise them. All our children were birthed in perfect health and genetically superior.” The Doctor stone one vinegary chip that had thus far avoided being bathes in cheese and tomato.

“Sounds rather sterile, cold. And no little bit ominous. Manufacturing children like… a car or clothes. Did they dispose of any that had flaws?” Molly definitely took a dislike to the whole idea.

“They usually fixed any flaws, which was rare. Don’t judge by your standards.” He looked a bit hard, peeved even. “There was a general sterility that prompted the looms. The price of that genetic tampering, I suppose.”

“And I’d say the sterility bit skipped you, eh?” Jack brought over a tray with a sandwich and milk.

“Skipped my father, too. Now Molly, how’s the whole exploring new worlds thing going for you?” He changed the subject with a disarming grin.

“Only really been to three other than Atlantis. They tend to make sure everything’s safe to the extreme before sending the scientists in. They collect samples for us, but we only get to go through the gate when there’s not the slightest hint of trouble.” If Molly sounded disappointed it was because she was. Oh, she reveled in the new worlds she had seen and tested. But she wasn’t a wilting flower, herself. She wasn’t defenseless or stupid. “I guess I was expecting more actual exploring.”

Just then the Marine who had been assigned to watch over Team Tardis nodded and stepped up to them.

“Sorry to interrupt, but would you mind coming with me?”

The Doctor and Jack looked at each other. “Is there a problem?” Jack asked carefully.

“I’ve just been told to bring you to medical.”

Rose looked alarmed. “Did Doctor Beckett find something?”

“I don’t know ma’am. I was just told to bring you back. Nothing else.”

He was polite as well as mostly unobtrusive.

Rose looked forlornly at her chips. “Such a waste.”

Ripley looked at the Doctor. “Where’s Faith? I bet you five bucks she’s gone and made a pass at the wrong man. I’d say it was Jack but… he’s right here.”

“Hey, who started the brawl on Xedocorflaxus?” Jack was already moving along with them, moving ahead of the Marine who made sure he could see them all , and that he was well out of average striking distance. These people were well trained, Jack noted even as he argued.

“He grabbed my ass. I grabbed his balls. I considered it a fair exchange.” Ripley shrugged.

“Too bad his buddies didn’t.”

“Now you know why I don’t like to let the children go out to play by themselves.” The Doctor addressed Rose with a roll of his eyes."

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Date:December 29th, 2006 05:09 pm (UTC)


Ami jerked her head up at the sound of Jon's voice. His quip about Isabelle brought a smile to her face, and the sight of another familiar and almost familial face brought her some genuine happiness.

"Jon!" Ami stood and gave him a hug. "It's good to see you. How are you? How's Molly? I haven't had the chance to see her yet, I know she's around somewhere and everything's just been mad this last hour and -"

/Ami. Breathe./ Jon said with a smile in his 'voice.' He guided her back to the chair, "Everything's pretty good around here. But I'm not the one in the infirmary." His words sobered her a bit, reminding Ami yet again that behind the youthful facade were also the memories and fifty years of experience gained from a plus-fifty year old Air Force General. "How's the little one?"

Ami looked to her sleeping daughter and smiled softly in affection. "Carson gave her something to relax her. It helped her sleep and took some pressure off of me." /He wanted to give me something too, but -/ Ami let her slight shudder do the talking for her. /I don't think it's that bad yet./ At least she wouldn't have to explain to Jon why she would avoid drugs that would deaden her abilities like she avoided the plague. It was akin to taking a sighted, hearing person and giving them a blind fold and plugging their ears completely.

That and her lingering not so good memories of being drugged and helpless.

"You're not affected by this at all, though then?"
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Date:January 2nd, 2007 11:58 pm (UTC)

[Rose/Doctor] (Tag Beckett, Ami, Jon, anyone)

The extra security on the infirmary was not reassuring, and Rose gripped the Doctor's hand tighter. If they were walking into some sort of trap, she had faith he'd get them out. She looked behind them for a moment to see Jack and Ripley were very obviously not placing their hands anywhere near their sidearms. Either they were sure they were not in danger, or they were not tipping off the Marine walking behind them. Both their guns had a stun setting, always on, but the Marine's sidearms didn't look like they had the same 'soft' option.

There was the sounds of yelling, and weeping from the infirmary and as they rounded the doorway the Doctor stopped dead at the ordered chaos.

"I'd say somethin' was a bit off."

"Is that Faith?" Rose looked to where their friend was strapped to a bed.

"She doesn't usually like to the the Bondee, she prefers holding the keys."

"Jack, I really don't need the mental pictures of what you two get up to." Rose shook her head. With Jack and Faith on the same ship, with the same basic urges, there was little doubt they would burn off some tension, as it were. Not that they hadn't before. But really. TMI.

Jack offered as he headed to the nearest Marine. "Mind telling me why my friend is unconscious and strapped to a bed? Not that strapped to a bed is a bad look for her, mind you."

The Doctor headed for Carson Beckett. "Looks like you have a slight problem here. Need any help?"

Rose spotted Ami speaking with Jon and moved towards them. Little Izabell was sleeping in one bed. "Hey there. Is she alright?"

Rose felt the beginnings of a headache. It seemed wrong to have a little one in the middle of people cursing, yelling and weeping.

She looked at Jon, he had grown quite a bit since the island. He was quite a bit of alright. Molly was a lucky girl. "What's happenin' round here?"
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Date:January 5th, 2007 01:42 am (UTC)


"Everyone's gone mad," Ami supplied the answer. "She's sleeping, I guess that's the most that can be asked right now.

"She's been emotional. Everyone's emotional. Dr. Beckett thinks I might be emotional but it's hard for me to tell what's me and what's everyone else," Ami continued while she smoothed her daughter's hair and placed a kiss on her forehead. "But you're all right? You and the sprog?"
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Date:January 5th, 2007 07:57 pm (UTC)


Rose shrugged a bit. “We seem fine so far. But then, with me, at this point, who could tell. I’ve cried more in the last six months than I did for five years before. Over little stuff, ya know. The funniest bit is how flustered the Doctor gets. He hates to see me cry and isn’t sure how to make me stop. He looks ready to run right from the room when these waterworks start.” Rose grinned her particular grin, tongue between her teeth.

“Of course, since we’ve gotten all empathic an all, we’ve been shutting each other out the last couple of months. He’s got these odd mood swings all on his own, an with my hormones yo-yoing, the others would be shovin’ us both out the door in the middle of space if we were locked in a loop, yeah?”

They had only been empathic with very strong emotions between them prior to the pregnancy, but it was as if the baby was acting as some sort of antenna, focusing and amplifying. Now they had mental barriers up all the time, and strong emotions still leaked through. It was a good thing that their empathy apparently was only between one another, or they might be in Ami’s situation right now.

“So, you’re not sure if your’re just bein’ a good mum and aggravated cause the munchkin’s off, or if it’s affectin’ you. Bein’ in here doesn’t seem all that brilliant, both of you will be pickin’ up everyone else’s upset on top of it all. Why don’t you see if Dr. Beckett will let you and Isabel find someplace away from people for a while. Take along a cute Marine if it’d make them feel better.”

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